Hooray for Kal

I have a confession to make. The battery holder I ordered from a friend did not go through as he told me that no one else ordered from him for that month so, he has to push to November. And also, i think he is not sure about November's prospects too. Anyhoo, I search for another more reliable (but costs more) supplier and within three working days of ordering it via Internet, it came.

So, now the holder is capable of holding 12mm coin cell batteries and it would only take up about 8mm height from the circuit board and about close to 15mm wide. So, there would be no more problems in the PKD. Yep, its smaller than the ones I got for you first time, Kal.

You know, maybe I think I can just rig it to run on one
single coin cell or maybe two coin cells in parallel

Being Yellow

We heard about this (through my Tech's SMS) when we were on our way back to KL. Apparently, the Police were arresting a lot of people wearing yellow who are ammasing towards the Istana.

This caused a tremendous traffic around KL as the roadblaocks spilled over overywhere. Still in the dark, all we know were the massive jams and a few roadblocks on the way to Genting.

Not surpisingly, there was a media blackout on the next day. And I still did not know what it was all about until I went over to JeffOoi's Blog. Wow. No wonder the Politicians were scared. No wonder on the Astro TV, there was the moronic "..But you still have no answered my question...." goof.

Not only that, we stopped at one of the rest stops for dinner when the news were on. I was literally surrounded by a lot of those people (since I sat in front of the TV). Everyone was silent, glued to the idiot box. But they all let out a sign of disapproval when the it showed a lady all covered up in Islamic garb carrying a child in each of her hards during the rally. Still after some hard words about the opposition, the men also realised that it is a good thing because it really shows the ruling party how wrong they were. And for me, I realised the two RM1.50 nasi lemak I bought were damn delicious. The irony was, seconds before, Digi was showing their latest ad, where all the Yellow people were training hard, going through those army obstacle courses with the words, toughening up. My brain dared myself to laugh out loud but my mouth stopped me.

Its time to change. Its time to get rid of the old rotten worms.

I was wearing this while driving. So, I changed the shirt, since I was in
a very sarcastic mood on that afternoon. Which is very dangerous to all

Ha ha ha ha!

Well, this is great advertising, if you ask me. I got this from one of the NKVE Toll Booths a few days ago. This is actually quite brilliant.

For those who suffered from this, everytime you need to use some tissue paper, you would be reminded of Pfizer.

You're being watched!

I am not sure if this is new but I noticed this camera under the flyover on the way Puchong from Sunway.

Sorry for the picture quality as the settings were gone
as I was testing it last night. You can see the camera
near the watermark and its pointing right at the lights

Something's wrong with my camera

There is something wrong with my FujiFilm S5500. After looking back at my photos taken last year and now, its getting worse. I am scared that if I sent it back to service/repair, I will:
1) Miss out some "important" shots
2) Sell an arm and a leg for the repair charges

Anyway, the problems are:
1) Occasional flicker in the LCD viewscreen
I think it could be the CCD element as when I switched to the bigger LCD window, the smae problem persists.

2) No sound when switched on
I have set the volume up and nothing. Occasionally, the sound does come on

3) No "click" sound when shutter button pressed
Ditto with the volume setting here. I noticed that once I do not hear the "some loose plasticky thingy is rolling inside" sound, I can hear the sounds. Once I shake it again, there goes everything. There is definitely something broken inside.

4) Focusing is out
Where flat surface or anything further than 8 feet is concerned. Maybe the autofocusing gear or sensor is out. So, taking shots in a group is always a harrowing expereience for me, as what happened when Loctor got married. But sometimes, when its OK, the pictures are damn sharp.
Thank goodness the macro shots are still superb.

5) Uncontrollable flash
This happened just last month, in October. I usually set the flash to the lowest setting, which is "-2/3" so that when I take close ups, the flash would not be so bright. Now, I have to take photos more than 10 feet away.

So, I have reset the camera, and even modify the settings (from min to max to min, etc.) and there is no effect. Damn. And its just a few months after one year. And this camera is being used almost at an average of twice a day or more. Maybe I should start saving for a DSLR for my latest "project". Yes, you may also give me some money.

OK, I just want to see how it focused

Here is the problem with the flash

And this is without flash. See the problem?