Manual torch

I saw this torchlight at one of those DIY stores near the office today. It is one of those torchlights that uses kinetic energy as source of power, something similar to those wanking torchlights that came out years ago. So, for RM3.50, it was a real bargain.

When I first started using this torch, it was very bright.
Somehow, when I cranked it, it was not as bright as I
thought it would be. Something suspicious here.....

So I let Kristine play with it for the
whole day rather than letting the
torch shine by itself

And I was right! What a fucking scam! The small black
piece I saw was nothing more than a small housing
for two small batteries and not some small miracle
rechargeables. When the white LEDs got dim, no matter
how hard I cranked it, it was the same. Damn it!

So, feeling cheated and pissed (because I could not put it back together again) I decided to look at the box for some instructions or disclaimers:

"This product is a new science and technology product and made with high and new science and technology. It can illuminate only placing it in rhythm."

This is a cheap plastic product which you have to crank it constantly

"No need any power, no environmental pollution. Low noise and health. Comparing with common torch, it can be several times on lift."

Yeah, right. The noise made from all the cranking sounds like wheezing engine.

"Constantly using this health torch, it can benefit to your palm, arm and shoulder stretching and blood circulation, so as to let your hands relax and brain clever, hand and brain coordinate and promote your brain memory and health composition.

If I wanted to exercise my hand, I would have gotten that wanking torch, OK? And yeah, it really worked on my brain because now, I will remember not buy any more of this crap. Waste my money only, you stupid Chinese wanker.

Holiday Monday

This 3-day weekend made our schedules go haywire. And because its a Holiday, I do not know whether to go to work or sleep in, despite my body telling its time to make money. Anyway, after a lazy brunch, we went to 1-Utama as it was weeks since both girls had any chance to run around. (OK, so I lied. We went to IOI Mall last Saturday). We spent hours in the old wing and by the time I wanted to explore the new wing, everyone was tired. So, we had to cut short our trip but I did get extra time to have one round in the new wing. Seems that the "Area51" shop was formerly "Ultimate Toys". Why it changed or how it came to be, I am not sure but one look inside, its like going through a junk shop with non-moving stocks and all. Yeah, the "You have to buy them in a set" policy was in there and so, I leave it at that.

Both girls during breakfast, leaving most of the
cheese everywhere except their stomachs

Kristine waiting for her food at
1-Utama's Arena. Yeah,

the food sucks
Kristine feeling worried as Kaelynn is in charge at the wheel

Who moved my cheese?

Well, nothing much to say except for the fact that
they love cheese