Uncle Ben's Burger Babi II

[09.10.2010 2016]

So, this is the second week of having the burger. And like the first one, this time, its just nice. Maybe its just me as after the initial euphoria, the burger seemed OK. Still above ordinary, but OK. or maybe, its the girl who cooked it. But still, I am grateful to be able to eat this burger. Anyway, if we were to eat out every Saturday, I think I would have to make sure I get the pork burger everytime. Unless its not the guys who cooked them.....

This time, I ordered a double pork patty instead of
three. And it still full.

And as usual, the girls get their weekly dose of MSG
macaroni and La-La and meatballs.

And not only that, a bit of so-called sushi

And lastly, some ABC for them too

More Tricorders


Remember my 2009 JJ Abrams Tricorder? Well, its gone now.

No, no. Its not stolen. Not like with my former MkVII Playmates which i trusted someone and it disappeared right under his nose.

It has gone to a new home. Yep.

And in return, I get two more Tricorders! And right now, I have some very wild ideas on how to modify it even more. Its a lot of work but we'll see what happens come year end. This time, I am going to improve on it.

So, now I have another 2009 Tric and another MkVII
Which encourages me to pick up the pace again. Woo hoo!

Being stuffed at Victoria's

After rushing home and getting everyone ready, it was time for ourselves. Actually, it was time for the both of us but since the everyone's gone, the girls had to come with us. Then again, I am glad they came with us because its a family thing.

And so, because its a special night, we
went into the caboose instead of the
main smoky lounge. And its really
smokey because of the smoke
coming from the hot plates's

This is the first time the girls had to spread
butter on their own bread and they loved it.

Then when the main course began, everyone really did
enjoy their meals.

The reason I brought them here was to let her try
the scallops which my Ex-Boss used to treat me
during our very last Company dinner.

Somehow, apart form the Chicken Maryland the
dishes we ordered were not really that 'exciting'

And well, since it was her night, I am not going to
say anything more except that the scallops were
not very nice to eat once it got cold, no thanks to
the girls.

No more Ms. Ling

[08.10.2010 19:00]

After working for more than 15 years, she has decided to tramp and stomp on greener pastures. Nothing much to say except that she was a nice person to talk to and not only that, always greeted me when I came into the Department regardless if she's busy or not. But its sad to see her leave on circumstances which I cannot divulge.

This was also nearly the end of me

And so, on the evening itself, we had a nice farewell
where even an ex-staff joined in. I was looking
forward to
it but because I was in a rush, I had to bid
farewell to her
in a rushed way.

And I also had to bid farewell to the crunchy petai,

The spicy sambal potato leaf plant thingy

And the delicious prawns with onions. (OK, so I did
not eat the prawns and I did not tell my Wife in case
I had to sleep in the floor)

And before the dinner started, I left. Stay tuned to what happened afterwards....