The Phaser Rifle XIII

OK, I have completed the electronic circuits for the Phaser Rifle. Its working fine and now, I am going to move on to the sound system. Just waiting for my paycheck before I start to order the IC chips. I will use the chip to record the phaser fire sound and use the trigger to play it back but if everything works, then I would explore the option using the IC to record multiple sounds such as button pushing, etcusing the PIC microprocessor to control the individual playback of these sounds.

Anyway, here is the video:

The Phaser Mouse

[Belated post: 30.09.2006]
While looking for some obscure electronic component, I found back my Wireless mouse.

I bought this when I was working in my ex-company so that I can present better to the customer
and be able to walk freely about the room. But the CEO did not like it
Wasted RM95 and it was PS/2 connection. One year after that, they came out with the USB version

Its nice to hold be very slippery. I think I am going to model my own Phaser design with this

Its a trackball mouse you can move with your thumb while the side buttons are just like the mouse buttons

The middle button is to activate the Laser pointer in front

A trip to The Curve

[Belated post:23.09.2006]
Finally, after being able to convince my Wife to come over to The Curve, I made it to the event. But because it was late in the evening, things were winding down. This is a one day acid test to gauge (customer response) if the concept works or not. And they have done a wonderful job of getting the interested parties to attend. I have known some of them and did a few probing questions. They actually do like the concept but there was a problem with getting the customers to apprach their tables. This was because they were not allowed to set up near the building's entrance or onto the area outside. But, when the customer comes in, all they wanted to do was to catch the movie. So, they headed straight for the escalators thus missing the event. It was the same problem with customers leaving the cinema. By the time they came down from the escalators, there were not enough "signs" to, lead them to the event. Still, it was a valuable experience for me because I get to meet old friends, missing people and also, my favourite shops. If it was held again, would I be there? Well, I would do my best to be there, unless the Home Ministry says otherwise.

This is the STFM booth. You can see some Star Trek models on the left

There were a lot of members who contributed greatly

And it helped drew in a big crowd

Nice or not?

The MySciFiFan booth

Some of the movie props (L-R)
Obi-Wan lightsabre, the unfinished drink, the camera bag on top of a copy of CinemaOnline, Freddy's gloves and shirt, A Star Trek:The Next Generation Tricorder and half-empty Nescafe

More props

The V for Vendetta mask
I had a strage dream after taking this photo. Weezy had a new BF and she had her doubts about him. So, I decided to interview him to see if his Heart is true. Both of us were sitting leisurely, facing each other. He was holding his knife openly while I asked a lot of difficult questions. I was holding a hidden parang tightly behind my back in case things went wrong. After that, I found out he is OK and we shook hands. Then suddenly, this V fella came and attacked us. I am not sure what happened next as it was too fast but the next thing I know, we got him pinned on upper side of the ceiling. He was hung there, most probably from one of our knives, his arms spread open. After deflecting all his blades, I aimed my parang at his chest and killed him. This is weird and also, I have never even seen the Movie yet.

The guys from ToyWiz
Lot 315, Amcorp Mall
No. 18, Jalan PSRN Barat
46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Recently established E-Toyz Facilities
17, Jalan Sg 7/4,
Taman Sri Gombak
68100 Batu Caves

R.E.Y from Shioktoys
98B, 2nd Floor
Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail
Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan

I have no idea who they are but there is a shop in Amcorp Mall doing Games Workshop

Teaching the ways of the Force to a potential Jedi

Nope, he failed the test and now, its up to his son

Father and son team against the mighty Jedi

And while I was busy, Mommy and Kristine hung about this booth a lot
This is Zone5, located above, offers natural fruit smoothies

One very expensive lesson to teach us that Kristine does not like
things that only go up and down

I got this for RM39, which I suppose would last me for three months
since its not waterproof or anything

And its very very big

Yeah, right

My Wife got this for RM48, from the usual price of RM153 or so.

The Phaser Rifle XII

[Belated post: 23.09.2006]
Finally, I got the chance to have a good look at the Rifle. OK, its mine but I could not hold it for long due to "Wife Patrol". Thanks to Richard for bringing it all over to Cineleisure and also for Kenny to do his usual thing for my stuffs. Ha ha ha.

The weight of the rifle feels nice but looking at it, the model needs a lot of work. There would be a lot of sanding and puttying, something which I am not looking forward to since I suck-ed at it. (I found out that I just cannot do proper modelling stuff) Moreover, apart from breathing in the toxic resin powder generated from all that sanding, I am more concerned about accidentally breaking it since it is realy hollow.

Then, there is the problem with the rifle's scope because looking at it, I think it is better to rebuild the scope from scratch as it is actually a solid block of resin instead of being hollow which I had hoped to be (I also hoped that the Tooth Fairy came and gave me a bag of gold for all those teeth I lost when I was young) Shall I use sheets of styrene or try vacuum-forming? I think I'll have to ask Kenny for help later on.

This is how the rifle looked like

The rough detail of the rifle

Time to polish the stick

I think, maybe I would be doing the sliding cover (left)

The scope looked so nice

But it is solid resin, mind you

Yeah, this has to be hollow, man

Part of the rifle's side. There were more parts in the bag but there was no time for me to take more exploratory pictures