Heavy Rain

It was raining heavily when I was trying to get back to the office. Visibility was down to about less than 200 metres. Then, after 15 minutes, it sort of cleared up. But later on, reports all over the Klang Valley showed a clearer picture of how devastating it was.

The stretch from Subang towards Damansara exit

This me about 200m from the Sungai Buloh R&R Bridge

See the white divider on the left, earlier on, its friend
floated away due to the strong currents


Dammit! Just got in this morning and found I had so much spam. Almost half the morning was spent on clearing the damn thing. Where did I pick it up? I am not sure either.

1401 spam! and its coming in 3-5 every minute now

This is the latest tactic but I was wise to it because I seldom E-Mail
when it is absolutely necessary

Yeah, right.

Phaser Rifle

I forgot to bring this Phaser Rifle prototype for Dr. EMH to see. Everything is almost ready but there are a bit more details which will take more time. I will update this details in my website.

This is the rifle on stanby, but with a Power setting of 14

This is the rifle being fired (from my fingers)

Just something to tell you, this is a prototype for the
Polar Lights 1/350 scale Enterprise NX-01 Model kit

Hot Sunday

Yesterday was a scorcher and now I am sick. Still despite the heat, Kristine insists on playing with her bike and also her favourite toy.

Daddy, its hot!

What did I forget now, Daddy?

Oh, I see, my shoes!

Now I got them, but I am too tired to ride anymore