Captain's Chair

And now, for a starting price or RM1,701, you too
can be a Captain. Or more space to hang clothes,
whichever you prefer. As usual, model in the pic
is not for sale. Pointy ears in the bed is bad, K?

You've seen JJ Abrams Star Trek, eh? Eh? Nice? Not Nice? Excited or not? Wow! Wow! Yeah, Babay!

Who, wants my cheese?

As I sat here in the office, thinking, what kind of crap did I eat that got me into so much trouble? And not only that, my Boss did not want me to go out today, but to sit in the office to recover. And so, here I am, sitting.




Fo.......oh, heck!

This was the breakfast I ate on that fateful day!
If I timed it correctly, I was eating it at about
9-ish in the morning and the symptoms did
show itself around noon. And so, I looked at the
box, closer and closer, until.....

Alamak! This could very well the be culprit!

And so, I switched to a less exciting flavour of some
mushroons with suspicious background, Birthday
cake from one of my technicians and the days old
bread. Days old as in days AFTER the expiry date.