School Pics

During dinner, Kristine was feeling very excited. She was talking to my Mom and Dad showing them something, as if it was very precious to her. Then, it was our turn. Turns out that she was showing everyone her school photos. Yeah, whenever there was an event, they would either have a photographer or someone to take photos. I did not ask how she got them or how much it was but I do know it costs a bit. Still, I wonder, if I could ever really take a day off and be the photographer as well, even for free..........

Kristine excitedly showing Mommy the photos, pointing
here and there, telling the names of her classmates.

Here, they're on a trip.
I liked her smile.

This was taken by the photographer during the Sports Day.
How I wished I was allowed in there but as parents, we
are not allowed to, for obvious reasons.

I wonder....

I wonder, as time goes on, will she have kids?
I wonder, as thrill seeking goes, will she ride?
I wonder, as Grandma be, is this the way?