Going to Court

Finally, I got to go to Court today, despite my Boss's forgetfulness about it. I have verbally mentioned that I am going to take a half day leave weeks ago and he agreed. And I was not happy when I reminded him about it the day before, "What has that go to do with me?" was his reply as work, as usual, was piling up but payments were slow.

Luckily, I kept my temper because my reply would be, "Its about supporting a friend, you dumbfuck!"

Anyway, the case is about compensation. Originally, he wanted to get at our ex-Boss but since this is not going to work, he settled for compensation instead. Its been dragging for almost two years, I think. But now, the last witness is on and unfortunately, she is my friend too. So, in other words, my friends are on both sides.

It started out slowly and was quite boring. But one they started to refer to the material (or evidence) at hand, it got quite interesting. My friend's Lawyer's angle of attack was something I have never seen before and it was very interesting. I think what they wanted the witness to admit to the evidence by stating the obvious. In other words, everyone (except the witness) knows the answer and where this is heading, and they just wanted the witness to say, "Yes. I did that.". However, the witness was "lost" and this got a bit on the Judge's nerves because the Lawyer had to repeat her questions again and again. But during the requested intermission, we realised why the witness was not concentrating. The room's cold air-cond vent was pointing at her and made her shiver, which really took her mind off the situation at hand.

And so, the next hearing is in June..........

Funny thing about the case is that everyone there were
someone I knew and we're all talking as if this was just a
small gathering. But a word about my presense is that
my friend "forgot" to tell everyone that I am coming
and the Company lawyer (not his) got a shock as if
I was their surprise witness. He just told them that
I just came and that's it. Oh, and no photos in Court