How not to use stickers

One of the things I gave to both girls were the stickers
after my trip back from Penang. And because I told
them not to simply stick to anything but precious
things, this was what Kristine did........... aiyo.

Lunch at Pizza Hut

Its one of those rare moments where we had a bit of time to just go out for the sake of going out. After a brief jaunt of looking at schools near Wangsa Maju, we had lunch at Pizza Hut.

Kristine loved the spaghetti and the pizza

And so did Kaelynn

Later, both were playing about in the middle of their
meals, despite our countless objections

And that is also the time where both of them were almost full
but we need them to finish their meals because there were
still a lot of food on their plates.

Luckily, our meals also included ice-cream, which
encourages the girls to finish their food in the
shortest time possible. Although the ice-cream had
some Smarties...........

It was not what they wanted and so I scooped some
ice-cream onto the two wafers which they quickly
gobbled down but left the ice-cream alone. Weird

Even Kaelynn refuses the Smarties too. Just the wafer
and ice-cream.

Just as well, as these two were
the last to be served. Kristine
did not like the Mango Tango
yoghurt drink but after I got
her to try, she would not let
go until she emptied 3/4 of it.