Termite Attack

This is the last straw! We just found out when Mom was moving her stuff about. So, I had to scrape most of her magazines away and slowly spray the mosquito ubat at them. They had eaten the underside of the box and we did not even notice them. So, I had to slowly break the box open and throw it away. If they notice we're going to destroy them, they might go into hiding already. Once we got everything, I sealed up the plastic bag and went for the nearest rubbish bin AWAY from our house.

Later, my Dad said they have survived from my assault and went back to hide in the parquet floor, where they originally came from. And that particular parquet floor was connected to the roof of the kitchen where they are still active.

So, we have to engage the termite guy again, this time by spraying the poison so that thay can take it back to their nest and not using the usual tactic of killing them on the spot as this means the nest is still alive.

The white dots are the dead termites

And my Mom's collection is gone. I should have
taught her how to use the scanner in the first

And this is the mess I have to clean/scrape up

Nasi Lemak

Before, I always had a packet of nasi lemak for breakfast almost everyday. And when I missed them (no meals until 3pm in the afternoon) there is always one or two packets left. But when business expanded, so did my horizon. Anyway, I am so busy nowadays, I hardly have time for them anymore and also because I had breakfast prepared for me at home.

On some Saturdays, when I am quite free, I will drop by the shop (where the lady had her stall set up outside) to order a plate. And it was today, since I came late (about almost 1030AM) she was about to pack. So I order one plate and the took the rest of the dishes since they would go to waste at her home, she told me. And it cost me RM14, which is quite reasonable since there are six of us in the house. But as I was about to go, she gave me the sotong as well and quietly totalled to amount to RM18. Wah liao, almost pokai for the day and luckily, my route home has no toll or else............
There you go, (L-R) Fried eggs, rendang chicken (this one is to die for)
and sotong. When I got home, everyone has gone out and so I lunched
alone. By the time they came back, the chicken has already gone bad

I tapau-ed the.......

[This was a draft]
I can't even remember what this was. Something to do with me ta-pau some dishes home for the family only to find out they have all gone out shopping.

I forgot if I threw all of them into the bin or ate them by myself as I was so pissed angry

Rat-proof cables

With the recent significant price increase in cabling, its hard for a lot of people to stay in business. The price as far as I know, has gone up about nearly to 40% since the last few years. Because of this, many has resorted to getting cheaper cables and also from various sources. So, if you know your stuff and demand for good quality cables, be prepared to pay through your nose for it. And also make sure, its the real McCoy and not those expired stuff too.

As for me, I have seen diferent types of cables, some of which are good and some even came in weird colour configurations. Still, cable is cable but do not expect quality after a few years, mind you.

This is the first time I have seen such claims.
And if this works, then I am happy too.

Yeah, this cable came from China and knowing them,
I can't even vouch for its quality. After a few years
then we'll know but by then, its too late. Ha ha ha