My Primary School III

The school field
Coming out from the canteen would be the school field. In the morning, we would gather at the field while waiting for the assembly bell to ring or during recess. This was also the field where we had our P.E. (Physical Education) lessons and also, at one time, Sports Day (but then it was moved to Stadium Negara). The only time I remembered about the field was of the rock garden and also, my first and only time being a goalkeeper where I stopped every goal kick! (I never did it again because of the nervousness waiting for the ball and many close shaves which really nearly shattered my nerves)

This is the view when I look towards the field from the school. At
that time, the KL tower does not exit nor the tall buildings of AIA.
Just the slope and the wall was the only view you'd get.

At the right corner of the field, is the rock garden. Back then, the
trees had a lot of leaves and it was quite cooling. And I would like
to stand and hang around the big rock in the middle. But in the
middle of the rock, it is shaped like a shallow bowl and would have
some rainwater if it rained the day before (or someone got careless
with their water tumbler).

And when I looked up, (OK, I never looked up before) I can see the
Secondary School's roof. Come to think of it, I still do not know why
I never looked up there. Maybe at that time, it was just a metal fence
and being a small kid, I have no care in the world about THAT building

Looking back from the rock garden, this is the view I would get. But then,
there were no trees on the left. And there were lots of grass too

And yeah, this tree was about half the size more than thirty years ago.

Anyway, coming up from the stairs from the canteen, I would be facing the
entrance to the school's main hall. Since it was locked, I could not enter it.
Anyway, if things did not change much, between the two inner red pillars,
are the entrance to the hall with stairs on both sides. But right in the middle
would be the school Library. When we have Library Period, I would go there
and start reading Enid Blyton's books (because the Hardy Boys were all gone)
Later on, when I got the chance to read them, it was absolutely boring. And
there was one other space series which was very exciting to me but I do
not seem to remember the title. This was also the time there I began to have
a lot of interest in the English Language and I scored As most of the time.
And because it was so simple to me, I could not understand why it was so
difficult for the rest of the class. Unfortunately, the tables were turned when
it came to other subjects. Ha ha ha ha ha!

The long path between the school's two entrances. My Dad used to park near
the trees on the right every morning while I try to finish the previous day's
homework. Then when it came to taking the schoolbus, I had no choice but to
finish homework in the evening because its not easy to read and write while
the bus is stopping or moving. Lukicly, I do not have any classmates in the
bus or they would tell on the teacher. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Funny cars on the road

You know, sometimes when you're on the road, you will get to see a different car among the sea of Protons. And sometimes, when you see these cars, you would wonder what were they thinking when they were doing it.

A mini truck but I guess the driver wants to be more practical

A yuppie Ah Beng?