Winds in the Dark

One of the Security Guards informed about the incident on the roof today. Apparently, there was a strong wind on early Saturday morning which ripped the condo's roof. what happened was that the roof's metal structure was partly anchored and the rest was on wheels.

Since the wind came at it directly, it just lifted the structure and hit it against the wall. Which is good because if it came from another direction, the whole roof would have flown downwards, maybe to other areas where there are a lot of people.

For curiosity's sake, we searched the CCTV for the incident where it recorded the even at about 0229 in the morning. But because it was dark, we could not actually see much except that the cameras started recording once it hit the wall in the dark. Oh well.

They are going to clear the metal structure today and
soon, it would be our turn to see
if the camera suffered
any damage since its
image was all blurry. Even a big
Astro dish
got dented as well.

New Bling blings for my Bengmobile?

I got this sometime ago. Its about RM10.50 for a pair of 4 Blue LEDs. What you do is, peel off the protective backing of the double sided stickers underneath the LEds and stick this to your car. Then you give it 12volts and it would light up.

Unfortunately, the blue LEDs were not that bright enough and secondly, no respectable Ah Beng would use Double sided tapes to stick anything under their Bengmobiles. Just one spalsh of the flood water, a brush with a dog carcass or even a tiny whinny kick from his beloved Ah Lian would dislodge these things.

No, these lights are for other projects which I am now collecting. By the same time next year, you would be able to see the fruits of my (insane) labour.

One set gives you four of these. But I am going to take
them apart and use them independently

They do look very nice when you turn off the lights.
Maybe I should open one up now and replace it with
a cheap 1 Watt Luxeon LED and see what happens,
if it does not melt the plastic, that is. Ha ha ha ha

The (almost) full capacity Toshiba Strata CTX670

No, this is not one of our customer. But indirectly, it is. It belongs to one of our competitor who, after months of internal conflict, became quite wounded. So, being Gentlemen, we decided to help her get back on her feet. But not without additional conditions since it was because of them, we suffered much problems on one of our main accounts for months since last year.

Anyway, this is one of her customer which really used a lot of extensions. When I was with Toshiba, we only learnt (and dreamt) about facing a fully expanded CTX system since none of the customers here ever reached full capacity. Still, this was a great moment for me. I also wished you could have seen my senior technician's face when he saw it for the first time too as usually, he is calm and collected.

How I wished we could have sold one or two of these systems. One fully expanded cabinet can be connected to anohter set via QSIG link and up to a theorectical limit of 128, I think (OK, I forgot). I would be very very happy.

A fully expanded CTX670 uses up to
seven cabinets and about 672 ports

Imagine the wiring needed to house
all the floors. Here, it is neat and tidy