New Bling blings for my Bengmobile?

I got this sometime ago. Its about RM10.50 for a pair of 4 Blue LEDs. What you do is, peel off the protective backing of the double sided stickers underneath the LEds and stick this to your car. Then you give it 12volts and it would light up.

Unfortunately, the blue LEDs were not that bright enough and secondly, no respectable Ah Beng would use Double sided tapes to stick anything under their Bengmobiles. Just one spalsh of the flood water, a brush with a dog carcass or even a tiny whinny kick from his beloved Ah Lian would dislodge these things.

No, these lights are for other projects which I am now collecting. By the same time next year, you would be able to see the fruits of my (insane) labour.

One set gives you four of these. But I am going to take
them apart and use them independently

They do look very nice when you turn off the lights.
Maybe I should open one up now and replace it with
a cheap 1 Watt Luxeon LED and see what happens,
if it does not melt the plastic, that is. Ha ha ha ha


Nex said...

I think these would do fine for what I want for my car. But of course I'll have to make some kind of custom mounting system to secure them.

Can you get them anytime you want, or are they 'limited edition' issue?

CFC said...

I can get them anytime I want because they're there anytime its still in stock. And yes, they're limited edition items from China, and this one is numbered #110889 of 1,000,000,000.