Morons on the road

We're stuck in a traffic jam and he uses
foot brake instead even when the
car was
stationary for more than half a
minute. As
soon as his foot got tired, it
rolled backwards
and now, my bonnet
has a new scratch. No
use horning him
as he knows what happened
lane asap.

This fella was so engrossed on his mobile phone and also
on the road traffic, I had to horn him repeatedly.

Meeting up with friends

Sometimes, I really wished I was still single so that I
can do whatever I want and still have time for my
friends and go to places where we can gather and
talk rot till the Sun comes down or goes up, etc.
But when you have a family, everything goes out
of the window as they come first. Now, all my
friends think I am a social recluse. Ha ha ha ha!