Why Kaelynn hates Homework

Tonight's homework is very simple. Draw 1's inside the square box. She can do that easily and even faster than Kristine but there is one thing I noticed which is that she does it for the sake of wanting to finish it fast. Which means (I hope not) she is not learning.

Daddy said, "Draw the 1's inside the square box."
And in less than 3 minutes, it was all completed.

Taking a closer look, all the 1's are not consistent
and most of them were crooked as heck. So, I got
her to erase the bad ones and start again. She did
improve a bit but not good enough so, she had to
start all over again. And again. And again.

After some scolding and crying,
she finally got it right but I am
not too happy about this approach
as she still in a playful mode. I
just hope this does not discourage
her from learning.

What I did in the office today

Practically? Nothing. As my technician just came back from his leave, he took most of my appointments and so, I have nothing else to do apart from going down to Botanic Gardens in Klang later to collect a cheque.

So, in the meantime, I have some repairing to do. It just so happens that my Boss and I were at another customer a week ago and she gave us a box of goodies.

And so, with a solvent glue, a piece to tissue and a screwdriver, I got to work.....

Yes, by now you would have realised we deal with
Toshiba PABX systems. Oh, you did not know?
Too late anyway, bwahahahahahaha!

Usually, when an envelope is involved its never
a good news. I was right because inside it were
all the parts and pieces from the phone. Or, I
should have said, all the parts and pieces that
could be recovered by the customer from the
day of the incident to the day it was handed to
us for *ahem* repairs.

This is because some clumsy oaf has nothing better
to do that to measure the speed of a falling object.
And because the phone is more than 13 years old,
just like my Bengmobile, the plastic is very fragile.
It will start to crack even if you look at it.

And so, the gluing begins. I have to glue this main
piece before sorting out the jigsaw puzzle as there
were a lot of smaller pieces to weave through

Once that piece was glued solid, I can now start
on the second most important part: The pieces
that holds and connects to the handset switch.
For without this, I might as well not repair it.

Each part takes about 20 minutes and you cannot
just glue them all at one since the glue is not a
superglue but a solvent which melts the plastic
parts and then fuse them together. Overall, it took
me about nearly three and a hafd hours, most of it
was due to waiting for the glue to dry and the
plastic parts solid enough to be handled.

RFID card revealed

Customer had two faulty RFID cards and so, she let me take photos of them. The cards were already peeled (so, its not my doing, OK?). So, for all you modellers who need fine wires for your model details, you know where to look but make sure you can still get in to the office in the morning.

This card would go for a few ringgit and there is
nothing there save for a large antenna made of
thin copper wires wound in a loop.

I peeled the card a bit more and there you go, the
actual chip (black thing) at the side of the card's
edge. I think its no bigger than 4 mm.