Huffing & Puffing

Its one of those floaties which you, as a
parent have the obligation to blow it up.
Indirectly, it is also punishment for you
for being too cheapskate to buy a kicking
board or hire a personal trainer.

And...oh, hey, this is one of those new
air seals which I have never seen before.
To release the air, all you have to do is
just squeeze the side.

Phew. I am very out of shape. Even a few breath
can tire me. eitehr than or my fingers were blocking
the airflow when I was puffing into it.

Since it blew it too tight, Kristine's hand was
trapped and after a few moments of panic, I
then remembered to squeeze the side of the
air seal/tip thingy.

Deactivating a Mauser

While leaving the toy around, I do not want the girls to load any bullets into it, even though I have thrown the pellets away. You'd never know what other things they would stick into the barrel. The problem is that the spring in the gun is very strong and requires a huge effort to pull it. When you pull the trigger, the whole gun literally shook and a very loud snap/crack sound can be heard as well. You can imagine what would happen if someone loaded a metal ball bearing in there....

And so, after removing more than 10 screws,
the gun came apart. It was assembled lile any
airsoft gun (I assume) and so, after taking out
the slider and the screw in the grip, it was so
easy. You can see the powerful spring slightly
in the top middle area.

I wanted to take out the loading mechanism too
but I realised that it would also affect the trigger

Still, it is a small matter because after removing
the big spring, I realised the the loading mechanism
can be removed but this also affects the overall
look of the gun since the barrel is dependent on
the protuding tube from the mechanism inside.
Still, once I decided to remove it, I will remove
them completely. But for now, the slider still
works and I can pull the trigger. The only difference
is that it cannot load and fire anything.