Tron Deluxe Identity Disc

OK, so, finally, I got it. This is one of the toys I was waiting for since months ago. Not so because its a Tron item but because, I am curious if it can be modified. I'll come to that later.

Initially, the toy was supposed to be out in late October. And by the time it lands here in Malaysia, it should be in about the last week of November. But unfortunately, November came and there was no Disc in sight. Most suppliers have not heard of them because this is not a 'normal' toy from the usuall big toy companies such as Habsro but rather from Spinmaster. And some who do know, had difficulties in sourcing from them citing problems with authorities who now has decided that any toy coming in to the Country must undergo a SIRIM certification. However, I am not satisfied with the explanation of toy safety. This is one of the 'You know, I know' things.

Anyway, some sellers in Amcorp Mall are selling the disc, along with the whole range of Tron related toys from Spinmaster. Unfortunately, the Discs were being retailed for RM250. And so, I was very disappointed. But then, this is what most toy sellers are doing nowadays. If you want that toy early, and ahead of everyone, be prepared to pay a huge premium for it. And so, I left. And if I wait long enough, normal suppliers may bring them in and at a price maybe, nor more than RM200. However, this is a gamble because they might not bring it in at all.

So one day, I decided to Google for shops selling the Disc in Malaysia and lo and behold, there was one in the name of ToyRebels. After discussing it one Mr. Hari, I got what I wanted and because I am going to take it apart, I got a very nice price from him.

And so, this is the picture of the disc, still in its
casing. (But not for long)

I think the disk is about 10 inches and it feels
quite normal to hold it. when I have the time,
I will go over it once again. Right now, its Zzz..

Hanging on a ... sticker?

The dashboard is so bad now, only one small sticker is
keeping it from deteriorating. I am still looking for one,
from any place as long as I do not have to shell out the
ridiculous price of RM168. No luck.That is the problem
with car plastics after more than a few years, especially

The RM10.00 gun

I bought this gun near at DaiSheng. This was because I was looking for an electronic toy gun which gives a single shot sound effect but there was none. But eventually, I settled for this model because it looked so nice and also because it was the last one, the lady let me have it for RM10.00.

Also, there was a robbery while I was there too. Apparently, the Wife of the robber first walked in, saw what she wanted and then left. Then the robber came in and tried to steal it. One of the frequent customer saw the act and just told the Manger in a slightly louder tone (in cantonese, of course) so as not to alarm the robber. What happened next was typical Petaling Street where they cornered him, gave him some whacks and so on. All done in a very normal hush-hush way. What was so interesting was they way the robber acted. Maybe he did it for his Wife (or kid) but I did not think he expected to be caught.

Anyway, this is the gun which I got. The
scope and the bottom attachment can be
removed. Yes, there is a defect in the
sense that the small plastic part was
missing. Still, I am not so particular.

As usual, the girls loved it

Luckily, at this age, they were not fighting
over the gun like they did with other things
because Mommy would ban guns, then.

How to escape dinner

Kaelynn was so tired that she fell asleep at the
dinner table. Usually, she does this trick so as
to escape eating the food that she does not like
but this time, she really fell asleep while listening
to us talking. Yeah, we're boring

More dangerous nose picking

Perhaps I should show her the art of nose picking. Or not. I know I enjoy mine but for a girl, this is not a nice thing to do. Anyway, tonight is my turn to help clear her nose...

This is how her blocked nose looked.
As it is not on both sides, it means her
little finger has hit a blood vessel.

As I am only able to use a cotton bud and not a tweezer,
this is a very painful experience for her. I could wet the
bud ends and her nose but I don't think it will help much.
And after a few minutes of wrangling and careful pulling,
this is the result. The big red dark glob is my catch of the

The troulbe with nose digging

The months of November are very hot. And not only that, so are Kaelynn's nose digging activity. This is one of the bad habits of mine that she has picked up. Unfortunately, she does not know when to stop. So, in the end, she has a significant nosebleed problem.

Unfortunately, she has a lot of those yellowish stuff in her nose too. These dries up very fast and so does the blood. Most of the time, she has to breath in through her mouth as her nose is blocked.

Mommy trying to help remove the blood and
the yellow pus from Kaelynn's nose.

As you can see, its very hard to remove them
as they have hardened and really sticks to the
walls of the nose.

The Laundry Princess

To save herself from making two trips,
she had the extra load on her head.
Oh, OK, so Grandma placed it on her
and I thought it was funny

Going to Menara Olympia

Just saw a customer at Menara Olympia today and he is a big shot there. And he is also my Senior in school. But we don't know each other. He wants to help me but I cannot help him. Makes sense?

Of course it does. His subs have problem getting vendors in and they need to have diaries made in less than three week's time. Actually, their client had sent in the info months ago and his subs only acted on it the day before. And what is not nice was that he scolded them in front of me since I was asking more questions then they did. Then again, I don't really blame them for being in the advertising industry. Later on, he took me aside and we sort of bonded due to our links in the old school. For that very short moment, I felt as if I had an older brother. So, I am going to keep visiting him whenever I can in 2011.

Until now, I still do not know how to get to this place
except from Jalan Ampang. I think I have this fear of
not able to turn into this building due to the overhead
bridges on the left.

Coming down, I really had a good laugh at this
poster. But because its out in the open, and not
wanting to catch any attention, I just had to
laugh inside. Can you catch the joke?
[Ans: The word for toilet that was written in Braille
was actually printed and then laminated. This means
a blind person would not be able to feel the dots.]

Inside the toilet, they mounted mirrors for all the
walls, making the toilet look bigger than it actually

Piping on the floor: Emergency poop chute?


Over heard from Kristine:

"Always take care of mother because when mother die, Father will be the mother and father.
The children must love mother because if beat mother, Mother die and children will be sad. Father then take over."

When Mother die, Father will become Mother and Father. - This is so true

The one with the PC problem

Got called to my Sister in Law's house today because of the slight problem with their computer. After a bit of detective work, I realised they have accidentally set up their Firewall to block some streaming data from a website.

And usually, with the girls around, things are very noisy downstairs. However, by the time I have completed my work, I noticed that it is very quiet....

And this is one of the reasons.

Wilrow Hood

OK, so this is the figure I got for RM20.00. This is Wilrow Hood. Google it and you will be amazed at the amount of background stories and attention for this just one movie extra whose job is to run around with an ice-cream maker. Yeah, you read that right.

Little was know of the extra's name but he
was the next fan favourite character voted
to be made into an action figure by Hasbro.

And here he is, running around in "Return
of the Jedi" after Lando Calrissian gave the
evacuation order.

And just look at him, the face tells it all.
The face of a hero.

And his computer core/ice-cream maker prop
which saved the Bespin Cloud City and the rebels.

Unfortunately, the figure did not look like that.
Yes, the sideburns and the facial hair are there
but his determined face turned into that of
hope lost and worry.

Still, that in famous beer belly was still
intact. In fact, as far as I can recall, this
is the second action figure that has a spare
tyre after Mcfarlane's Sam (of Sam & Twitch)

Paired with a GI Joe, height-wise....

And well, if you look at it sideways....

In the sitting position, because of his, erm
extra load, he can't sit properly. So, all you
boys and girls, stay off the beer and fatty
foods. And don't stay up after 10PM too.

And so, poor old Wilrow Hood, on screen, he
is a hero and on figure, a hopeless ice-cream
maker from Guantanamo Bay.

Star wars figures on the cheap

After the meeting with a customer, it was time for me to go back. But not until I have visited the nearby Toys r Us. Don't ask me why but its just... there.

What I noticed was that there were some
RM39.90 figures going cheap. And when
I meant cheap, it was RM20.00 cheap.
Unfortunately, this one was not cheap
and its no use swapping the price tag
because the counter guys would know

And so, let's have a look on which figure
I am going to get. This one looks promising
because I can use her robe for something
else. What for, I am not sure yet.

This is Stass Allie and she looks very nice

Unfortunately, in the box, she looked like as if
she had a bad case of fungus.

There was another figure which I was interested
in but it was not displayed anywhere in the store.
This si Luke Skywalker in his Snowspeeder pilot
oufit. What got me was his removeable helmet.

So, which one dud I buy? Heh. wait for part two.

Test Drive Unlimited 5

I was watching this Kid playing with the game
and yes, the way he drove the car into other
cars, buses, people, walls, etc., you'd wished he
won't get his driving license so early. Its a nice
game though and with the big TV screen, it does
feel quite real.

The one that got away

On the way to my customer in Jalan Chow Kit, I spotted a Summons exercise by some very hardworking Officers. They have to do this because the road is a very busy one and the double-parking happens every few minutes which clogs up the road. But there is a weird situation which I spotted...

This black car had a ticket.
Poor, poor black car.

This little black car next to it does not.
What a cute little black car.

All it had was a little parking ticket of
suspect-able value...

Dinner at Famosa

Today was Sam's Birthday and this time, we went back to Famosa, a nice little Taiwanese restaurant near the office. With Sam being the "Star" of the evening, he gets to order what he likes.

But because this post was done weeks later, I have completely forgotten what most of the dishes were. I mean, into the mouth it goes, out of the bunghole the next morning, bypassing the brain.

This was the only dish I can remember, which is actually
stir-fried cabbage. I have never eaten such delicious

A shark or a smiling fish?

An afternoon at MacKing

OK, this is very weird. i guess it is already weird when I entered this place. Because I do not like
religious stuff in my blog, I shall not comment further. Its just that this is my first brush with the iPad. First as in I almost about to buy one.

And so, at MacKing, I was so tempted to get a 32GB Wifi iPad on the spot. I mean, for RM2250, it was a bargain. (Edit: January 2011: Harvey Normal sells the same config for RM1850 and 2 weeks later, Apple was slashing to Rm1718.00. damn. Still out of my reach). I suppose I could think up of a lot of ways/excuses to convince my wife but with money being so tight at the moment, it is not a good idea to tell her yet. And no, I am not feeling suicidal anytime.

I like this kind of cafe where things are quiet and
if there are music, I would imagine it to be at a
volume which is barely pleasingly audible.

The whole afternoon, I was staring at that corner...

Waiting for the iPad ad to come on again

Trip to Mid-Valley 10112010

Hokay. Here we go again! Mid-valley! woo-hoo!

Somehow, this time, we're going there for the sake of going there. Which is still a nice thing as this could help me release the stress I have been facing for the past few days at the office. Actually, its a quick one because Mommy needs to buy some stuff for her work and this was the nearest place with parking.

Just showed the girls what you can do with those
fancy rolling round crystal LED things which rolls
on water and also
gives off smoke at the same time.
Maybe one day I'll get one and
take it apart to
see how they make the smoke.

Once again, its dinner at Esquire Kitchen and as
Krsitine is growing up, she does not like the Tung
Po meat so much anymore.

And looking at the amount of fat, same goes
for me. But it was the sauce which we loved.
You mix it with the rice and its wonderful.

I always liked the stir-fry veggies there because
their wok is hot enough and its crispy.

They're now old enough to wash their own hands
and we do not have to worry much here.