Prehistoric Condom

Seems like the condom was actually invented a very long time ago. Way further than World War I too. No, its much more than that. So, you can be assured that there are people using condoms before our time. And so, by now, popping in at the nearest 7-11 to get a pack is not a problem anymore, right?

You don't have to ask your girlfriend/wife/Mom (?) to get it for you. You don't even have to be embarrassed about getting it yourself either. And you do not have to spin a tall tale at the counter or even justify yourself, right?

Wrong. Everyone knows you want to get one and they will usually give you that "look". I would have assumed that, by now, no one would bat an eyelid when you're getting one. But no, everyone thinks you're a horny guy and they will try to follow you to see who your "victim" will be. If someone you know sees that, and your girl, who might not be your Wife or worse, girlfriend, you will be dead before the Sun rises. Or worse, your relative might have seen you and on the next gossip session or Chinese New Year or some family get together, you're either the horny guy (again) or your wife would feel very uncomfortable after a few minutes in the room with the gossiping aunts.

OK, this is just a dried lemon slice which I got
for RM1.50. I used the zoom zoom lens again