Going bottomless with my Ass

So, this was the final straw. Once my Boss gave the letter, that fellow replied with another letter stating he is resigning with immediate effect. What the f..... He is already fired and yet he wants to resign! In other words, this fellows wants "Face". My Boss was so pissed off but luckily, he prevailed. And the best part is, when confronted, he gave a lot of excuses which did not stick, particularly, he wants to "sacrifice" himself so that the company does not have to waste so much money, etc.

Wow. When I heard this, I do not know what to do. The feeling was so intense. And so, I followed my own advise, which is to simmer and do absolutely nothing. Because if I did, it would have aggravated the situation.

In the end, he is going to be fired this Saturday instead.

Anyway, this evening, we're going to celebrate his last day (which is technically, tomorrow) at Bangsar's Chilies. There is one word I like about BSC's Chilies which is, bottomless (free refills). Yes, some of the drinks are bottomless. And so are the tostada chips. By the time we reached there, the six of us were hungry enough to eat a horse. And so, we began with some starters, mainly the drinks, bottomless chips, club sandwiches, buffalo wings and some of our main course.

This is the first helping of bottomless tostada chips

Four minutes later, this is our refilled tostada chips.
Five minutes later, .......well you get the picture

Here come the flame grilled ribeye.
I was eyeing the soft potato salad thingy

My Mesquite Chicken salad

Club sandwiches with fries

Crispy Honey Chicken also with fries

Quesada chcken thingy. By this time, we can't be bothered
with what the food's called as long as they keep on coming

Seven Ice Lemon refills and twenty minutes later,
I was too stuffed to stuff my salad anymore, and
neither of my techs could help me. So, I had this
half portion made "to-go" and my wife ate it

My Ass (left) enjoying his ribeye.

During the renovation, MPH had to be relocated to the Ground
Floor foyer. With the lighting from shops and the high ceiling,
the atmosphere is quite enjoyable when browing for books or
magazines. One the way back, I forgot which magazine I was
interested in. Oh well, saved me eight bucks

Going underground

This is our next job, to lay a 300-odd metre cable from their keyphone system to the building's main MDF to their new showroom. Yeah, its going to be fun. Heh.

Just looking at the end-point from here
is already making me worried. There
would be a lot of cars passing us when
we are working in the middle.