Screwing around with the lights on

While we were at the site, my Boss and I saw a very unique portable drill. It has lights. OK, maybe its a novelty and it really does remind me of those early Made in China products where almost every item has a white LED light. Having a portable drill is nothing new. In fact, it is a great time-saver (and also a blessing when my hands has gout) and we're actually thinking of getting at least another two.

The light comes on when you pull the trigger

I like it because of the Sci-Fi look towards the rear.
The grip looks so promising and secure despite it being
straight and the top, where the vents are, looked like
some heat dissipator from a Sci-Fi ray gun

Cabling in Malaysia

When it comes to cabling in Malaysia, there are no set rules to follow, just the general guidelines such as:

1) You will need to use a 2-pair (4 core) cable and if you're lucky, you can save your budget by using 1-pair (2 core) cable.

2) Try to use as little trunking or pipes as possible and use the crevice/ceiling to hide your bare cables as this would save a lot on raw material. And also, so that the customer will not be able to see your shoddy work

3) Where possible, you must recycle the sockets or panels so that you do not need to buy new ones

4) You do not need to label anything and if the customer insists, tear a piece of scrap paper and use your best handwriting. Or you can just use a thick marker which obscures everything on that small piece of paper

But in general, it al depends on the budget, the amount of cabling required and circumstances. No one, in general, would lay a cable nicely, put the best socket for you and lable it if the cabling job involves less than a reasonable amount of cables (which vary from vendor to vendor). However, for us, we would try our best to do everything we can when there is a cabling job.

For you see, if the cables are neatly laid and properly labeled, it would be easier to troubleshoot in the future. And not only that, a properly laid cable would not have any "problems" at all.

For computer Networks, it is a different matter as it
is more disciplined.

When inserting panels onto a fibreboard, it is a good
idea to use these expensive base. But usually, a lot of
people would just use wood scraps or parts of PVC
pipes. After all, when it is done, it is hidden from the
customer and as long as the panels hold, its not an issue

Guinea pig

Nice or not? My Wife has been on a training course this week
and anything she brings back is mine to try (because no one
else dared to). The pastry is hard and because its cold, once I
bit it, it was crunchy. Even the peas were like frozen type. But
last nights ones were better as they have cheese in them. Yum!