Excuse me, your watch is open

Well, that is just fine! One crap after another. It never stops since after Chinese New Year. If its not my Gout, its my project, and if its not my project, its money and if it not that, its this, etc. Just this afternoon, when I looked at my watch, it said "open". Exactly what it was, I am not sure. A quick search on the Net did not yield any results.

The watch did not respond to any of the button presses except for the auto-EL feature where the light comes on if you tilt it horizontally at an angle. So, I think I would have to go to my friend in Sungei Wang this weekend. And it was alright the day before too. And no, I don't think its a good time to get a new one either as I really loved this design.

Just what it said. Nothing in the PDF manual either

Until then, its sealed in the ziplock bag