My RM1.90 Calculator @ Mydin

I tell you, ah. These Chinese people are real copycats. When I was at Mydin, I saw an interesting calculator selling for RM3.90, which was the cheapest dual energy (battery and solar) calculator in the bin that I have ever seen. So, I took one. And then, I went to the other side where the electrical section were so that I can lose Kaelynn's shoes (OK, it was an accident but we never found the shoe)

And then I saw another calculator. It was the same calculator, albeit with a different name, more colourful buttons and it even came with a pen. And the price? RM1.90 only. Yeah, I couldn't fathom the logic in this. I nearly went nut about tried to buy about ten of them before I came back to reality. I mean, what can I do with ten thin calculators? Apart from breaking them open for prop prototypes, that is.

This is the Stevenson calculator that comes with a pen

See the solar panel? I am going to have fun with it!

Until I realise that its just a film designed to fool
people into thinking it was a solar panel. It was
already transparent and I didn't even spot it. Damn

Oh, and guess what? They're using some
transparent flexible circuit board for the
keypads, same like the calculator I found

The new Biological glue

There are all sorts of glue for almost every situation nowadays. But when it comes to environmentally friendly and biologically safe glues, they are quite limited and expensive. So, now Kaelynn has invented a new glue. And its quite strong as well. It has outperformed all our expectations in the lab and we're ready to market it. However, there is one small problem, apart from marketing and manufacturing. The glue has a very short lifespan and dries up very fast, which then shrinks into a yellowish gunk or smear, depending on how you applied it.

Here is a shot taken from our very test laboratory.
The booger glue can hold two cotton buds together
when freshly dispensed from the nose but if you pick
it, you'd have to use your finger to roll it into a ball
before you can use it.