Hot Wheels

Do not ask me why I buy these HotWheel cars. They're just nice, OK? But for this model, I do not understand why I sacrificed my lunch money for it.

They called this the Nitro Doorslammer

It looked aggressive but because its dark in here, you'd
think its just a piece of ugly metal.

And the front has a very large opening where you can see
the engine parts. Under the car, there is a small plastic piece
for you to pull out as this is actually a "funny car" for drag races
But I prefer to keep it just like that.

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Observations in Klang II

So, I am back to that horrible place again and this time, I get the chance to do a little bit more work. Oh, I am so happy. This is one of the longest system installation for me. Its like climbing up a steep hill to fetch some water from a well with a cup.

The mounted system. We're ready to teminate the cables but
the powerpoints are not ready, not were the trunkings. Then
there is the problem of the Computer server taking up too much
space and they wanted our powerpoints too.

So, in the end, we compromised and they got their own powerpoints.
So, the Indian guy went to work to make the IT guys happy. But no
one told him to open the windows and switch off the aircon before he
starts making holes in the wall. In the end, everything was white
And I mean, EVERYTHING. Ha ha ha ha hah a

The new powerpoint for the IT guys. But now, our system looks
dirty due to the dust.

Even when we covered the system up, it still dirty
Once he made the holes, he has to cement them up again.
But before he could do that and also activate the power
for us, in come the lighting guys and we could not wait
anymore. So we went off. I mean, it would take some
time for the cement to dry anyway.
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Do you see a face? Like that of a woman's?
As if she was wearing sunglasses?

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The Becks

What do you call David and Victoria Beckham if they came from China?

Cina-becks, la

Goodbye for now

Mommy, say goodbye to your flowers when the contractors move in
Ha a ha ha ha ha ha ha hahah a!

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The Crawling

Tick tock. Its six months old and more headaches for us

This is Kaelynn. She is six months old and a very experienced crawler

She can go anywhere and disrupt our peaceful lives without
having to scream her lungs out like Kristine

And she can even make our hearts skip a beat

Still there is not other effective way than to have Kristine
take care of her. But this would make us more stressful.
Yeah, we have to make sure she does not jump on top
of Kaelynn

And sometimes, when these two are very very quiet, we know
they're up to some mischief..........

And being a six-month old, Kaelynn is now able to support
herself. Which makes us even more worried as the cot is
too small for her. Kristine did not do this but roll around instead.
Sometimes, she will lose balance and fall and hit her head which
makes us all go deaf in the middle of the night


We agreed to get Kristine some pencils and also one of those table-top pencil sharpeners so that she can draw as much as she wants. So, off I go to Carrefour and got eveything. Unfortunately, after careful inspection, I picked the wrong pencil sharpener. I did not realise this until I got home.

So, I have to wait until the weekedn is over before going back to Carrefour to exchange. And the weird thing was, they would not exchange the item for you. Rather, they refund you the money and ask you to go in and buy the item again. Of you can just keep the money and swear never to return to Carrefour as long as you live.

Kristine was so happy with the presents but she failed to
notice that it wont go through the grill

I got her some books too, which more or less guided her
over the dotted lines on how to write the alphabets
(In the end, the book was full of circles and thrown into a corner)

Ahem, some of the stuff I got for myself.

Yes, yes, move one now, nothing to see here.

The Kick

We were monkeying about and then, Kristine's knee-ed me in the lips
After the all blood has gone, I got a swollen lip as a reminder.
Well, I think I can enrol her for Karate soon
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Observations in Klang

So, here I am, waiting for things to happen. Again. For you see, when it comes to a certain customer, where a building involves a lot of parties, you can be assured that no one talks to each other. In the end, the ID (Interior Designer) did some changes but did not inform the M&E nor the Acrchitect nor other parties. So, nothing was done or was done wrongly since no one did have an updated floorplan.

Me? I just kept to myself, (ready to open a can of Coke and some groundnuts) watching "Drama Minggu Ini" unfolding in front of me. But no, its more polite to just stand outside or walk around and wait until you're called. I mean, I can smash so much Egos in one day. Ha ha ha ha ha

After a nice lunch at 7-11's, I've decided to just do the cabling and make it a day. No point feeding more coins to the ticket machine.

This is a toilet bowl which has a square hole but a very steep cavity.
Its like asking the shit to jump off a cliff instead of rolling round and
round the bowl first. Ha ha ha ha ha

Lunch was spoilt by a very tough bottle seal. The tab
was torn off too easily no thanks to the super strong
glue they used

Someone from WPC was here.........

And the cabling is the part which I hate most. This is because I have to open a gel-filled cable and terminate it. Other cables are my favourite but not this black piece of evil. For you see, the gel-filled cable (many wrongly referred to it as armoured cable) is as its name applies, full of gel. However, its more like thick fat to me. Once you strip the thick black sheath, and blunts your blade in the process, you're faced with the gel.

This, my friends, is the root of all evil. You can see all the gel in the cables and this is not a pleasant experience. Even the makeshift plastic bag gloves will cover in fear. There are about forty strands of yucky cables that needs your, attention.

How does this affect me? Badly
The closest experience I can describe would be putting your hand into a cold vat of rotten, smelly butter and swishing it around to look for your friend's unwashed penis (who just went for a sex change) among other penises. There are a lof of feathers and hair in that vat too. Once you found that disgusting thing, you pull your hand our and the sticky slimy gunk wont come off. And you discodered its the wrong penis. his has pus oozing all over it. You wash and wash, but it feels like its stuck to your hands. And then, you realised its all over the place, from your face to your pants to your ladder to your nostrils. And the penis is glued to your hands fron the gunk. And its still the wrong penis.

Yeah, that's how bad it is.

So, this is the gel-filled cable. The 3mm back sheath is tough
so make sure you have a spare blade and your hands are not
slippery. And the metal shielding will have to be cut carefully

Once the sheath is off, you can see the gel sticking onto the wires
and other whatnots. When you have finished, use a lot of talcum
powder and rub your hands. You can use your friend's underwear
but make sure she is not wearing them after you are done with it

After a lot of cursing and crying, the job is almost complete

I like this type of cable better. Here, the contractor just
drilled the box on to the wall. You can see that because
of the mess they left behind. The thick cable is a 30-pair
and yes, there is no sticky disgusting gel in it

The 30-pair splits into three 10-pairs and you must be
careful not to mix them with the other cables are each
cable sub-group is using the same colours. If you did
mix them up, I won't be your friend for a year.

All done!

I took this photo of a Proton Waja parked next to me. Its very
difficult to take this shot as the window tint keeps reflecting.
What I am trying to show you that the owner has stuck a
block of something to the window but as the glass keeps
sliding down, it destroyed the tinting. The window problem
is a very common fault with the Proton Waja car.

The Shockgun

While packing my remaining stuff, I found back one of those Playstation guns which I have bought (and forgot) in the late 90's. They call this the Shockgun (no, not shotgun) and its very nice. Almost like a small shotgun.

So, in the box, you have the gun itself, the paddle (for those games which requires you to reload), cables, and power supply. I am not sure why they need a power supply but then when they first came out, guns like these are pioneers. Unfortunately, after the initial batch, it stopped.

I think when I have the time, I am going to cut the cables away and then modify it to have my own lights and sound.

The Shockgun, and the grip underneath the barrel
can slide in and out just like a real shotgun

A closer look

Even the sights are nice and look the business

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Playmates Tricorder

OK, I have found the power adaptor for the Tricorder. And I have also modified it to display lighted up at The Outpost. And once you pull the power jack away, the Tricorder would run on its internal batteries. But when I am finished with the Phaser Rifle, this would be my next project.

Some of the parts are still not completed yet, especially the top as I did not
have the time to get those semi-circle transparent acrylics

Its a bit brighter since I am using 6 volts instead of the usual 3. And I have

cut off the circuit to make the sound since the extra voltage makes the sound

scratchy. Yeah, the labels are crap and since I lost the beautiful original, this

was the best I could come up with, for the moment, tha is

Avanza driveres are rude on the road

Well, it would be true if he keeps driving like that. I know that in the morning, having to face traffic jam(s) would make everyone cranky. So, its better to get that over with and reach the safety of the office. But hey, everyone was probably thinking the same thing too.

It is just not nice to speedily cut into a lane without signalling. In the stop-go situation, I had to brake hard just to avoid bumping into you.

Already the side lane has turned into a third lane and suddenly, whoosh....

In you come, with your Avanza, proudly showing you're both a TOCM member

and some Avanza club. But did it occur to you that you're creating a very bad

publicity for the clubs you belong to? Not even WPC (that I know of) members do that

And I was so frustrated at that, I did not even notice I got a bad note

the brush

When I got the toothbrush, I did not expect it to die just after a month. Maybe its because I start to learn how to be foul mouthed, this Chinese toothbrush decided to commit suicide rather than help me perform germicide (is this the correct word? Ha ha ha ha)

So, I had to get a new one and I was shocked with the prices. I mean, which nut would go for a RM18.00 toothbrush? And there were so many to choose from. There is one which would flex back if you brushed too hard, while some would change colour over time to tell you when its time to change (where did the colours went, heh?)

Somehow, I can't find the ones which tells if you're pregnant, drunk or have eaten garlic. And none had timers which tells you when to stop brushing in case you used polish instead of toothpaste by mistake. So, I settled for a cheap Rm1.99.

I mean, given the way things goes, it'll probably die in a month's time anyway.

The old and the new. And looking back, I think I can use the old toothbrush sideways....

But it has a more important job to do, which is to help me clean off the termite

gunk. Unfortunately, after this photo was taken, my wife threw it away the next


Motorola L6

One of my cousin's cousin (from my Mom's side) has given her a mobile phone. And yes, just a mobile phone. There were no nice itty bitty box, charger, instructions, etc. Which means, I have to step in and prep the phone ready. But I am stopping short of giving her a sim card.

Mom did not indicate if she wants go into my Celcom package which I am currently paying for my Dad, Brother and wife. But she is thinking of getting a pre-paid though, since she argued that she seldom uses the phone (yeah, right. My phone bill went up a lot last month). Also, she claims she does not know how to use the phone, compared to me which I figured out most of the functions within an hour. But then again, I do not know how to operate a VCR, she does.

The menu system is still crap, compared to Nokia's. I mean, it took me hours to find out how to lock the keypads. Who would have thought it was in the Security section?

First impression of this L6 is that its quite flat. And because the casing is metal,
it feels solid and fragile at the same time. Time to charge the phone up

Chocolate currypuff anyone? I got distracted while looking the phone over

and came across these mini currypuff makers. Ha ha ha ha

The phone lights up briefly when charging. The keypad feels nice, though