More Hotwheels

I just can't help it, OK? I was at Carrefour and saw these new models selling for RM4.60 (Used to be Rm5.00, RM4.90, RM3.90, etc.) And they're nice. Very nice.

Hyper Mite: This is an old model which I tried very hard to find two years ago

Pharadox: The original was in transparent blue. But this colour scheme looked great

Invader: I have no idea why it came to be. A turbo armoured car with
a big orange dildo. But look closely, its like the 1987 Batmobile and the 1970's Tyrell F1

AMG-Mercedes CLK DTM: This must be the most beautiful Mercedes I have ever laid my eyes
on. Then again, this might be the only model which I agreed most