Going to Mid-Valley 10022011

Today was an inpromtu trip to Mid-Valley because we needed to get the two free UBS drives promised by the Sales guy at Harvey Norman. And so, I rushed back to the house after work (luckily nothing happened) feeling very excited because its been weeks we have been to a shappoing mall as a family.

With the CNY technically still on, we decided to pose
a bit with the Decorations. Notice Kaelynn started to
lift her legs? I wondered where she learnt this one....

Then as we passed from Gardens to Mid-Valley, we
saw this guy playing a piano in a cage and had a good
laugh. Seconds later, saw Adam C from Hitz.fm or
formerly from Quickie, passed by with a girl and a
camera man. Few days later, she got a GOTCHA call.
If only I had stopped them for a photo with the girls...

Feeling miserable because the Harvey Norman guy did
not 'keep' the USB drives as promised, we went for a
nice dinner instead. Initially, Kristine wanted pasta and
Kaelynn wanted pizza. So, I made them compromise to
each other and we all ended up at Pizza Hut.

Since the girls were very very hungry, they started on
corn which I bought earlier. Actually, Kaelynn
wanted one
but on hindsight, I bought extra for
Kristine. This was because we went to Harvey
Norman first before dinner.

And when Krsitine's pasta came, it smelt
delicious due to the garlic (but as always,
in the end, it was oily and a bit bland to me)

While waiting for her Pizza, I got Kristine
to let Kaelynn have some pasta, which she
exclaimed, "Delicious!"

And seconds later, went to the only
Pepsi because it was "hot".

Much much later, her Pizza came
and I made sure she let Kristine
have some too.

And so, that settled the dinner for the girls or else,
I would have more things to worry about. Still, we
really need to get the Harvey Norman guy to keep
his promise even though there was no more stock.

I mean, it is a bit ridiculous to say the drives were out of stock when you have promised to get two for us, no matter how long. I might go out on a limb here but it would be nice if they actually give us a call to say the drives are there and so on. This is our first purchase from Harvey Norman and I wanted to buy something from them years ago. However, I am now contemplating on future purchases (iPad?) because if this is true, this practise is very bad as it would show that Harvey Norman does not keep to their words and is no different to any local electrical store.