Mr. and Mrs. Ultraman's Baby

I shall expect LoctorMayat to put this up anytime in 2007 soon?

The Natural Car Air-Cond

I was stuck at the traffic jam today and when I looked at my rear-view mirror (to see if any vehicles can't stop in time) I noticed the lorry behind me has the cleanest windscreen I have ever seen. It was so clean, you can see them without any reflections

That is, until I noticed there were some problems with their windscreen wipers
Then I realised they had no windscreen
Then I realised, I better speed off fast in case that want to whack me for taking thier pictures.

The Phaser Rifle IX

"Bang, bagi satu nasi"
"Biasa, ah?"
"Ya, tambah nasi"
"You mau ini, ni, ni, kah?"
"Lain kali, la.
Berapa, bang?"
"Seringgit tiga puluh"

So, what he does is to provide you with a basic Nasi Lemak:
The Rice itself
Some cucumbers
Some hard boiled eggs
And the sambal sauce
Which is RM1

But when you add stuff like
Extra Rice

The cost can go up to about RM3.00

But it is up to you, you see. He just gave you a basic base and you can then choose to put it stuff that you like.

Which I am trying not to do this to the Phaser Rifle. All the features discussed will be put in, if possible. For the and Forum members, it will be full versions. For the rest, lets see how it works.

Anyway, I am taking a bit of a break as Kaelynn is needing me more. Not only that, I am trying to save up or secure funds to get a proper microcontroller system to make all this work within the shortest time possible. (and Provided Kristine does not pull any more components out of the circuit I am doing while I was out working). But last night, I managed to secure a bit of cash from a friend but with the condition that I help him (using this microprocessor) do the R&D for the publication of his Medical Journal.