Some eating place in Mid-Valley

We were quite hungry while at Mid-Valley. And the Food Court is a few levels too high for us even by using escalators. The lifts are out as people going in and out of them non-stop as if they live in there. And, so, since the Basement Level Food Court is nearer, we decided to go there. But I have warned the girls ahead that we're not going into the Chicken Rice shop. Because, IMO for such a humble Chinese dish, it is too costly. Every time I was there, I felt as if there was a con going on.

And so, after looking at the other shops, we felt this one needed our attention. The only problem is that I am writing this months later and so, a lot of details have been forgotten; I forgot the name of the shop and what we ate.

There was a lot of waiting, that one I remembered and also, most of the dishes were not compatible with the girls's taste buds

This is what I ordered. And after looking at it, despite its taste which I forgot, I think I liked it. Just that the thing in the middle reminds you of something else.

Now, this is colourful and nice...

...which both girls agreed. I liked it mainly because of the mango.

Girls's meal, which is Kampung fried rice

Mommy wanted to try this

And it was delicious! Pricey but delicious!

Don't ask me why I forgot too.