Weeny is dirtee........

Kristine is always hugging Weenie when she wants to
sleep or when Kaelynn wants to take it away. I thought
nothing about it until it was being soaked before dumped
into the washing machine. Look at the amount of dirt that
made the water blackish. Ooosh

Driving the Van Part two

After going through the toll booths numerous times, I am starting to appreciate the power windows in other cars which we take for granted. Its hard to wind down the windows because your hand keeps hitting your leg. And if you see certain spots in my pants that are worn, that means I have used the toll too often. But one good thing is that I do not have to stretch my arm upwards for them. I can now just deal with those tool booth collectors face to face.

And about those humps, I am serious. Even dips in the road would make the whole van go upsie. Worst are the dips that follows after the humps. Yeah, that is horrible and a lot of cars have to "wait" for me to slow down to go over them. Haih.

Even after moving the seat back to maximum, it is still hard
for me, especially when I want to make sure I am pressing
the right paddles.

OK, this is the shot of the middle console. I got rid of the plastic
cover as it serve no other purpose than to let me open it in
difficulty. Maybe I should get my own box and double-side
tape it. One thing I partucularly liked was the small fragile
clip between the box and the gear stick. It sort of allows
you to stick some small documents there but it will
break sooner or later anyway.

This is the back seat which can be folded up for more
space for cargo. And unfortunately, they do not have
seatbelts installed.

Kristine's new bike

Finally, after nearly one year, someone dug out Kristine's 2nd year old Birthday present. She was so excited and happy, she rode and rode until late at night for at least a few days. We originally wanted to give it to her on her birthday last year but because we're moving, we thought of giving it to her at the new place. But as time went on, everyone sort of "forgot" about it.

Anyway, it was time as her legs have been growing longer and she has difficulty riding her first tricycle. And despite it being welded back, the front was still bent. Then again, these are cheap bikes from those Hypermarkets.

Her second bike was also the same; a bit bent here and there. But what I was not happy was, that the tires were actually moulded hard plastic which wore off very fast and most of the time, I can see the wheels losing grip even on rough concrete. And I am not even going to talk about brakes. Sometimes, I wished I had enough so that I can get her a proper bike with actual rubber tires.....

As Kristine tries out her new bike, Kaelynn looks on
maybe with sadness that she could not join her sister

Kristine took the bike immediately, even before
we could take off most of the plastic wrapping

And just to make sure Kaelynn was not left out, we
put her at the back but she does not want to be part
of it. Took us a lot of effort to get this shot

Kristine found another problem: Crashing into walls
as she was too excited to notice how to avoid them.
Later, she also found out how painful it was to fall

Bored Piling

Yes, its all the way jam back to my house and on a hot Saturday afternoon, its a torture even inside the van. Anyway, I decided to take some photos.....

Even piling things can be boring

A group of UTM students on a field trip to see how
things happens in a real World. Notice all of them
are not wearing hardhats except for the guide and
the Site Supervisor.