Balloons again!

And so, after some false starts, we tried the balloons again. And this time, the RM7.90 is THE pump! Let me tell you this; if you're thinking of blowing those 5mm think balloons with your mouth, good luck. You REALLY need the pump.

The first balloon out and its Kaelynn's.
And what does she do with it? Yes,

Luckily, I did not faster it tight and the air leaked
out. And so, now its the girl with the orange shirt
using the orange pump on a yellow balloon.

This is what happens when both ballowns are up

By now, you would also question the absense
of safety tags on the balloons

Finally, after some sense
has been knocked into them

They began to use the balloons
more creatively.

I did not show them how to twist into shapes as
it is more fun for them to discover it by themselves.
Hey, we paid RM50 for those milk powders, not
its time go get back our investments.

Almost there.......

But no dice. So, I just show them the old static trick

Finally, after a nice dinner and hot bath, the
girls are back to their innocent selves again.
Both of them having the same combed style

Last minute homework

After all the fun and games, it was time to go to bed. Unfortunately, Kristine told me there is another set of homework which she has not done. I was not happy because on Friday, I had told her to finish all the homework before she can play. So, in the end, she had to complete her homework, by hook or by crook.

Kristine really enjoyed doing her homework and
wished there were more.

We photocopied the same homework so that
Kaelynn can join in the fun too.

My New 16 in 1 Card reader

As far as I know, there are only a few memory card formats I need to use for my job: Smartmedia, xD card, and SD. And because I am always mobile, my card readers loves to prove that they're not. And so, I go through them about once every year if I am lucky. Because these computer stuff are not consistent in their designs, its very hard to go and search for the same card reader, even on the Internet. So, I had to find an alternative and compromise on some features, namely USB hubs.

Yeah, that one is useless and I was just listening to my kiasu side. Because in real life, I hardly use them at all or forgot they were ever there. But one thing I cannot compromise is the Smartmedia card interface. And so, while walking about in shopping complexes, I would have to keep looking for the perfect card reader.

And just so happens, I found it in Jayajusco of all places. It was the same Department where I got my Wireless mouse. Initially, I saw the same design over at Carrefour or somewhere but they do not have the Smartmedia interface. Fortunately, this one has.

Apart from the card reader, I also bought a RM7.90
balloon pump. Oh, the card reader was RM25.90

Its actually made from aluminum, which, apart
from the sharp edges of the plates, gives it a nice
strong feel.

So, if you unscrew all eight screws/legs, you could
literally take the whole thing apart. What I am not
used to was the blue LED light which only comes
on when you insert a memory card. On the older
card reader, there was a separate LED to indicate
that it is "there".

Dinner at Unique Seafood and trashing the Boulevard Hotel

Oh, yes. I'll bet you would like to read about us trashing the Hotel, wouldn't you? Luckily I was there in time before any further damage can be done. Anyway, there is a special reason why we're having a nice dinner this evening. One of the Sister-In-Law has returned from Australia for a week and so, the dinner was a good time to catch up on things. I think because she has a schedule to keep, pot luck is out of the question.

Anyway, the Dinner was a Unique Seafood, located in Jalan Kemajuan, Section 13 PJ, which is just next to Wisma Celcom. Or rather next door to that abalone place. Since we were early, (around six-thirty in the evening) there were not much customers but an hour later, it was almost full. And I think its Halal because there were some Muslims as well.

The restaurant is brightly lit with a lot of yellow
lights. It makes me feel as if I was either at the
Bridge of the Enterprise, or some Sea World.

Kristine with Aunt of the Week

First items on the table. I liked both
but more on the tofu.

Then there is the fried rice and steamed prawns in egg
which I scooped for the girls and they loved it to bits.

But for me, its the petai and that vege which
I always forget. I mean, I eat to live ma.

Then came the cheese baked oyster.
Wah, sure get gout already la.

And the salted egg steamed crab. Definitely
going to get gout. It was refreshingly different
but the girls do not like them. For me, its a bit
too dry as sometimes, I like sauce for the rice.

Then the unfortunate thing happened. They went and
changed the flat screen from ESON to Cartoon channel.
I had a hard time getting Kaelynn to eat her food as she
is busy watching Tom & Jerry. Later on, thankfully, she
forgot all about it. Earlier on, we wanted them to change
to 313 for the MCA results since none of us has subscribe
to any Data plans and the Wifi in there was off-line

Fav Aunt of the Week helping Kristine
wit the juicy crab legs which is her fav

And Kaelynn got to drink from a wine glass.
Its water, of course but for me, its two glasses
of whitewine before I discovered the other 11%
which is quite fruity and nice. But I feel my
throat and stomach burn a bit with the white

Later on, as everyone went back, we took the other Sister in Law to the Boulevard Hotel in Mid-Valley. By this time, I am already starting to have nice headache from the alcohol, I had to pass the keys to my wife much the the chagrin of the other Brother in Laws. Since this is the first time we've been to the Boulevard Hotel, I was happy to bring my camera along. With less than an hour left and trying to shake off the headache, I walked around Megamall for a bit.

The room was designed in a weird way, as if it
was hugging the building's corner so as not to
drop off. And everything was dark. But I like
the semi-walkthrough wardrobe.

Something interested the Ladies......

Me? I just watch the windows, enjoying the view
of the 10pm rush as everyone's going home.

The girls were getting restless near midnight and its
a sign for us to leave. This act may seem innocent
enough but wait till they try other things.

So, we woke up Fav Aunt of the Week

Who gave them a Goodbye Kiss

Before coming back next year.

Luckily, innocent passer-bys were not harmed.