My New 16 in 1 Card reader

As far as I know, there are only a few memory card formats I need to use for my job: Smartmedia, xD card, and SD. And because I am always mobile, my card readers loves to prove that they're not. And so, I go through them about once every year if I am lucky. Because these computer stuff are not consistent in their designs, its very hard to go and search for the same card reader, even on the Internet. So, I had to find an alternative and compromise on some features, namely USB hubs.

Yeah, that one is useless and I was just listening to my kiasu side. Because in real life, I hardly use them at all or forgot they were ever there. But one thing I cannot compromise is the Smartmedia card interface. And so, while walking about in shopping complexes, I would have to keep looking for the perfect card reader.

And just so happens, I found it in Jayajusco of all places. It was the same Department where I got my Wireless mouse. Initially, I saw the same design over at Carrefour or somewhere but they do not have the Smartmedia interface. Fortunately, this one has.

Apart from the card reader, I also bought a RM7.90
balloon pump. Oh, the card reader was RM25.90

Its actually made from aluminum, which, apart
from the sharp edges of the plates, gives it a nice
strong feel.

So, if you unscrew all eight screws/legs, you could
literally take the whole thing apart. What I am not
used to was the blue LED light which only comes
on when you insert a memory card. On the older
card reader, there was a separate LED to indicate
that it is "there".

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