Balloons again!

And so, after some false starts, we tried the balloons again. And this time, the RM7.90 is THE pump! Let me tell you this; if you're thinking of blowing those 5mm think balloons with your mouth, good luck. You REALLY need the pump.

The first balloon out and its Kaelynn's.
And what does she do with it? Yes,

Luckily, I did not faster it tight and the air leaked
out. And so, now its the girl with the orange shirt
using the orange pump on a yellow balloon.

This is what happens when both ballowns are up

By now, you would also question the absense
of safety tags on the balloons

Finally, after some sense
has been knocked into them

They began to use the balloons
more creatively.

I did not show them how to twist into shapes as
it is more fun for them to discover it by themselves.
Hey, we paid RM50 for those milk powders, not
its time go get back our investments.

Almost there.......

But no dice. So, I just show them the old static trick

Finally, after a nice dinner and hot bath, the
girls are back to their innocent selves again.
Both of them having the same combed style

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