Last night, I got back early and decided to take the two girls for their baths since my wife was tired out. Its not easy to take them both together as Kristine would be up to her mischiefs again. Still, it was fine until she started to go into Kaelynn's bathtub.....

Ha ha ha ha! I got into Kaelynn's territory!

And so, Kaelynn cried for help

And I reprimanded Kristine but to no avail

But when Mommy comes in with a cane...........

They called it the Jumping Smile Ball

Let me ask you this. How long can a toy last? A day? A week, maybe even years?
Well, when I got this for Kristine, a small cloclkwork toy with flashing electronics (whihc lights up due to the vibration inside the ball) it lasted less than 10 minutes before the Jumping Smile Ball became a Standing smile ball.

Oh well, still, for RM2.00, I get to open it up and get the free batteries and electronics too.

[17:03 - 17:13]
Jumping smile ball


Some plastic container was mudered........