Skidding in the rain

One thing I can say is, Thank God I had my tyres changed the other day.

I was driving my colleague from Kepong to SS2 this evening in the rain. One think I always did was, when it rained, I would keep my driving speed to below or close to 70Kmh. Unfortunately, tonight was different.

I was talking with him and unconsciously, kept to the speed limit of 80Kmh. So, you'd think that the extra 10Kmh is not a big deal. But it does make a difference if you need to stop the car in a hurry. Just as we were approaching the tunnel, my colleague asked me to stop. As the tunnel curves to the right, I had to make a split second decision to trust him, because, by the time I could see what is ahead, I would not have the time to stop and banged into the car in front.

As it was still raining, I really had to do the Pump-The-Brakes braking because if I had stomped on the brakes and not let go, the wheels would have locked up and the car would go into a skid. The stupid yellow Honda Civic who had been tailgating me nearly knocked into us until he decided to quickly swerve to the leftmost lane.

My Heart skipped a few beats and I was a bit numb for the rest of the drive back home.

And If we did 85Kmh, I would be in a lot of trouble.