Lek Chat Chat Far Hai

Sleeping Fucker wasted my money somemore
Letting a pussy steal his rice
There is a fat Master who can't work hard or even work at all. He thinks that the power of his Masters Degree will make his lunch come to him while he sleeps.

He thinks the World revolves around him and does not need to spend any money for anything at all. His parents will protect him and shelter him, while he sleeps and plays with his computer all day. He has his Father chauffer him to work every morning because driving and owning a car is expensive and troublesome. He even has friends driving him for shopping trips.
He thinks he is so clever that he can work in the office without getting paid much and thinks it is a waste to use the money for the family
You can see his face change to "Pau Ching Tien" when you ask him to help you. You can also hear how he sighs and breathes like a suffering 80 year old when he carries a something for you. Maybe he should get an Oscar for his efforts.
This selfish git does not even respect his loving parents, especially his Mom.
He has not seen the real World which is waiting around the corner to smash his face in
Pretty soon, I can save up some money and give him the "40-year Old virgin" original DVD for his birthday and he still won't have a clue what its all about, as long as it is free.