MyKAD Reader

I was on my way back from Serdang, heading towards Jalan Ampang when I stopped by ProJet and notice something different. Yes, the Destina (24 Hour Shop) is no more and is replaced by 7-11. I think this move was a few weeks ago since everything is quite new.

After buying Nescafe Mistra's Tiramisu (it has gone down to RM2.00 now) I noticed that they do sell the MyKAD reader. This was from a comany called IST Smart and its a join venture with JPN. The packaging is a bit dodgy but then again, its the device you're really after. And it comes in a few colours, mainly transparent red, transparent blue and black. Anyway, after buying one, I tested it on the spot.

Test #1: *Kad tidak Sah* (Invalid card)
Me: Hah?! OMG! Quickly pull card out and try again
Test #2: *Baca Data* (Reading Data)
*New IC No.*
*Old IC No.*
*Address #1*
*Address #2*
*Address #3*
*Address #4*
*Address #5*
*Vehicle License Type*
*Vehicle License Class*
*Vehicle License Expiry Date*

The MyKAD reader

The contents are: The Reader with a keychain and a piece of paper explaining interpreted data

This reader says I am a Man!

My ATM card is fine
The reader just cannot read other cards........... yet

Overall, the device has no buttons whatsoever for you to scroll the data through. Instead, you would have to wait for it to slowly scroll until it reaches the part that you need, and that would take a very long time. Still, for RM23.50, its quite fun. Once I get bored with it, I am going to open the innards...............