Christmas Lunch @ Janbo

Yeah, I know, as a family unit, when it comes to eating out, we do like to try something new. And we know a lot of good places for great food in KL. And I still believe in the tooth fairy.

Nothing much here as SOMEONE did not inform us about the lunch but instead got himself ready and sat his fat ass down to watch Astro until the time came. And so, my Mom had to come up to tell us about the lunch. Knowing that we would need at least half an hour to get ready, we let Kristine follow them in their car while we rushed like mad to prepare Kaelynn.

Nothing much exciting about the lunch this time as it has become routine to me. But what made a difference was that Kaelynn allows her elder sister to hold her hand and lead her. Although it was a small matter for everyone but to me, this is a big difference as they are now really getting along despite their increasing inconsistent mini cat fights.

First, Kristine asks for permission to go for a walk and
at the same time, wants Kaelynn to go with her

Yep, she holds her hand and pulls her smaller sister along
And Kaelynn allows that.

At the fish tank, both girls did their best to annoy the fishes

Kristine telling her sister not to touch everything
that she sees as Daddy would scold them both.