Dinner at PJ Seafood

Just for tonight, since Wife and Kristine have a longing for seafood, we decided to go to PJ Seafood for dinner. Knowing that tonight is the even of Labour Day, I took a few choice routes to minimise being stuck in a traffic jam as I rushed home to get my parents for the dinner too. Everything was fine until we started to head to PJ Seafood.

The Goddamn road was jammed up. All it took was just fifteen minutes and it gets clogged up. Still, in less than an hour later, we had our dinner.

Nice hor? 1Kg of Sweet and *something* and another
Kg of cheese crabs. It was wonderful. And so was
the wonderful price of RM107.80 for six pax.

So bloody wonderful that I had diarrhea six times until three in the fucking morning!

Hanging around at Cineleisure

After the trip to Toyota, I could not hang around there as there was too much noise and so, I decided to go to CineLeisure instead. Although its about a quarter to Ten, it seemed as if I have entered into another land. All the shops were still closed and once in a while, you'll spot someone walking about. Reminds me as if the whole area has been quarantined or this was going to be another deserted mall. The reason I wanted to go there was because Richard from The Outpost called me the day before telling me that the new Tricorder and Phaser toys from the latest Star Trek movie was in and I have to be there to collect my free Tricorder.

There was a history behind it but lets just say, Richard is Gentleman enough to settle things amicably. But one day, I will do another one. Just not now as the girls's growing up phases are really getting a lot of my attention.

And so, at 0945, this was one of the few lonely
salesperson fully awake. The rest were tending
to their food stalls, and or hiding in the
shadows with their future mates.

The after effects of eating too much ice-cream in one go

I observed for hours about these crowds. They're there
for something which, I believe, is for something other
than the new Star Trek toys.

Yeah, ok. They were there for this reason.

By elevenish, The Outpost is open. Seems like years
since I last stepped foot. But with the new changes,
this is like the new Star Trek movie; The Outpost
is still the Outpost but its just a bit different.

On the left would be the latest merhcandise which
you can purchase and no, you do not have to buy
them in a set either. From Star Wars to Star Trek
to NERFS to Gundam, its all there.

The front counter is hidden now, and there are more stuffs
for you to look at and also buy them is you like to take it
home with you.

With the new hospital curtai.....er, partitioning systems,
The Outpost can now have up to four separate private
functions which you can book. But do check-in
your phasers and blasters at the entrance. And
no, Orion Slave Girls are not allowed. This is a
reputable place.

Here is one of the private rooms. Note the Apple Mac
is not for guests.

And finally, its mine! Mine! All mine!


Excuse me

The Kiss

Wife: Darling, it just happened.....
Me: What? What happened?
Wife: I just kissed...
Me: You what?
Wife: It just happened and I did not think...
Me: Aiyoh! When you feel nothing is "right" you don't just do it la
Wife: Easy for you to say.
Me: OK, so how was it?
Wife: You better come home and look lor......
Me: cannot tell me now, ah?
Wife: Come home and look or else!
Me: OK, Ok.

Right into the post. You can see the bump, where I assume
would be some brackets. And the reverse sensor's a bit off
too. Whatever it is, I am going ahead with the reverse cam
project sooner than planned, even if it means sacrificing
some of my money in the process.

And I took leave to go to Toyota where the lady said to come
back on Monday to start work since tomorrow is a Public
Holiday. So, I called back to the office and my Boss don't
even "want" me around..... "You took the leave, you go on leave!"