From 17th February 2007, onwards I will no longer be posting blogs anymore.

And I would like to wish everyone KHFC2U.

After 26th February, 2007, I'll continue la.
You think what?

Happy Valentine's Day

Ok, so I just realised I missed Valentine's Day by, what, 2 days? Anyway, both of us were too tired to even do anything except grunt "Hello, Darling, how was your day at work" and "Good night, Dear and don't try any hanky panky tonight"

Valentine's Day used to mean a lot ot me before I was married. It was because the next day, you can get some cheap chocolates or goodie stuff thrown out when the girl was not happy with the boy. Or if you're lucky, they might even have some leftover meal coupons or something. Ha ha ha ha.

But seriously, it does not mean anything much to me because I do not believe in showing my love to my Wife for that day. If I did, what would I do for the rest of the 362 days? Anyway, both of us realised that it is not special except to laugh at or just make fun of the other when there is no presents. And you can see alot of people making effort for that day. And usually, they will get scalpered because these morons are usually the last-minute kind. I mean, whatever happened to good old planning? If the girl realised you're doing this, she would usually assumed you're the last minute "I don't care how much it cost, just give it to me because I fucked up, OK" person.

All just for the doe-eye girl to fall into your arms ready for you to do/split her

But in the end, despite all our efforts we did do it:


Dangerous Driving?

This lady found out that in the last moment, she was in the wrong lane
When you use either SmarTag or Touch n Go to enter the toll, you have
to use the same thing when you exit. I wonder what would have happened
if she paid in cash now, and the next time she uses her Touch n Go, would
it deduct the full toll payment or rendered invalid?
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The Broken Fuse

As I was doing my usual cornerning at, as I was driving my car in a normal fashion, suddenly, there was some electrical sparking sound and then, my CD player went mute. The same sound happened last night too but I did not take much heed. Previously, when this happens, it means that there is some loose connection to either the amplifier or the player. So, I took it to Ken, my friend to have a look and while he's at it, I asked him to replace my broken radio antenna too, along with connecting the rear speakers back to the amplifier since the old electronic crossover can be said to be beyond economical repair.

After more than an hour, it was done and now I can listen to the two Morning Crew clowns at for their stupid Gotcha calls. Yeah, now and then, I am a bit more attracted to them instead of the Fly Guy. He WAS funny during Time Highway Radio but now, he is so, well, burned out and forcing himself to be funny.

Anyway, I was not happy with the antenna installation as the technician (new apprentice, I presume since I had not been there for more than a year) kept pushing the damn thing like it was stuck and he kept cutting the plastic off, which I think, will let in the water from the hole in the roof of the car. But, since I know nuts about this one, I prefer to keep quite and ken was busy with an College Ah Beng who wants a loud alarm sounder in his car.

So, for MR70, I got a new fuse box, new antenna and some sound
at the back of the car. The fuse box broke (right) at the plastic
connection as it was put near the car's battery. Seven years
of heat and vibration took its toll. And the fuse is still OK

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The Tall Warrior

This is a Satria from Melacca where the state recently suffered flooding.......
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