The artist

Kristine was running about with a piece of paper and asked me for a pen. So I gave her mine and sat her on a table. Its now confirmed she is a southpaw and Kaelynn might be one too, after seeing her grab stuff with her left hand

Here she is, drawing stuff and about to have a late lunch

To draw or to eat?

Luckily Mommy is here to help

Mommy also taught Kristine how to count and write to 5

And also, how to hold a pen the right way

And this is her masterpiece (there goes my paper)


Kristine, come give your sister a hug

No, just hug her, don't pull her to you

You don't want to hug-hug anymore?
Where are you going?

Oh, I see. You want to get your shoes

So that you can walk outside the varandah.............