Lighting the PKD Part III

OK, as promised, I have completed the electronics for the PKD this weekend for Kal. Its actually very easy except that you need to do fine soldering. And right at once, I realised that my eyesight is actually failing and so, I might need to buy a clamp-on desk lamp with a magnifier (hint hint).

Both pieces gave me a challenge because I did not have a 2-part epoxy handy (the last one disappeared but ti was filled with metal particles) and only UHU and hot-melt glues. The challenge for the metal cover was that I have to be careful that the LED legs to not touch the cover and also, not to let solder touch the cover too. As for the plastic piece, the problem is in making sure the slide switch stick to the cover. Using hot-melt glue (at that moment) was the only solution which unfortunately, affected the sliding switch's performance a bit.

This the PKD cover from the late Sid. One is
casted in plastic (more like black resin) and
the other one, thanks to Pol's info, is actually
pewter which I suspect is white metal at first

This time, I am using the thinner wire-wrapping
cables as opposed to the thick wires which really
crapped the project.

Testing the metal PKD cover. Nice

Don't think its dim as I used flash. This kind of
photography is tricky for me. So, trust me as
the LEDs are very bright.

Metal and Plastic PKD covers side by side.
Now you can see the brightness

The trip to Amcorp Mall

OK, where do I start on this one. Parents gone out to Market, Wife's busy which leaves the three of us to cause, nothing to do in the house. So, I decided to take the girls to MacDonalds for breakfast. I mean, its already half-past ten and Kristine was the last to wake up at ten.

So, after their breakfast, I decided to run on an errand, which is to Petaling Jaya's Paramount Garden for some radiator flush and of course, the Bardahl2 lubricant for the car. After that, I told Kaelynn, we will pass by Amcorp Mall and if there are too many people (as in Car Park being FULL) we will turn back. Still, luck was with us because we found a nice parking spot the moment we enter the parking lot.

I had a few reasons wanting to go to the Bazaar apart from promising to do it the weekend before and the one before and the one before... I you have been going to Mid-Valley a lot, you do tend to get bored because everything almost looks the same. Not only that, this Bazaar offers a lot more um, unconventional things and at reasonable prices. Lastly, I was scouting to a Diamond Select Back to the Future II De Lorean (Later I found out that one of the stalls did have them and sold them at a bargain last month. Aargh) and also the V-Storebiz to see their items up close.

The girls at MacDonalds for their breakfast.
Note that Kaelynn is growing up fast.

One thing I like about the Breakfast packages
are that you have of lot of things to eat but the
main item everyone was looking forward to
were the hash browns

Oh, and as usual, I get to be DBKL. I have learnt
that now. As a parent, I have the privilege to go
eat any decent leftovers and so, I do not have to
order any food for myself. Just for today, I get
to have an egg 'burger' and Milo.

It was not easy to make the girls eat because a
few minutes into their meal, all the kids from
nowhere started to play and so, after I made
sure they ate most of their meals, they get to
have another 15 minutes of fun.

One thing I have never ever continued was going
to the Amcorp Mall Weekend Bazaars. And just
today, there were so many things I did not know
that I wanted. Ha ha ha ha.

For example, I wanted this until I realised its
not easy to restore the flat rubber tyres. Then
there is the 1/50th RM60.00 Batmobile from
the Batman Animated series but I could not
justify the price. But then, getting it from eBay
is roughly the same. There are also so many
other Hotwheels I have never seen before......

The girls were also very interested
but in the end, each of them got a
set of stickers. Not, not tiaras.

This is for KSLian.
Gen Collection (Lee Hong Jian)

It was two hours since their last meal and so Kaelynn
wanted to go to MacDonalds again. Well, if they're
really eating, who am I to complain. At the counter,
we saw some leftover toys at RM5 for 2, or RM3 for 1
So, the three of us took Rm10.00 worth of toys. Some
were from Madagascar, Avatar, Pokemon and the one
or two from the current offer which Kristine took.

This time, its twister fries and Coke

After that, we're off again to have more bargain
hunting. Suprisingly, compared to almost ten
years ago, there was hardly any real toys for
sale. Now, I counted a minimum of 8 stalls.
This is one of the three toy shops.

Sometimes, when Kaelynn is thinking hard (I think)
she would either do this or put her fingers to her
*ahem* nose.

This was the shop I wanted to see because on its
Website, most of the items were "Sold Out". But
the Cheytac sniper rifle priced at RM60.00 was
too expensive for me. In the end, I splurged on
a pair of gloved hands and some M4A1 sniper.

Back home, we opened all our loot before
Mommy came into the room. Oh, and I
bought a book each for the girls. Total
cost for today? RM130.00.
Excluding a nice 2-part epoxy which I
could not find anywhere. Cheap, of couse

I got two Pokemon capsules while Kaelynn got
a Madagascar figure and Kristine, the weird
yellow bus vehicle.

The Pokemon capsule is actually a LED
projector which comes on when you
squeeze the two halves together. Here,
Kaelynn is showing how not to aim the

As token of appreciation, Kaelynn wanted to give
me the biggest sticker from her collection. And
guess where she stuck it? Yep. Cute or not?

Later on, Kristine did the same but not because of
feelings. She stuck it on the wrapping plastic and
so I rescued it and stuck it to my Notebook too.

Now, what am I to do with these pair of hands......

Repairing a Prestige remote

OK, so its my Bengmobile's remote. It went nuts ever I left it hanging there in the rain after using the keys to open the car boot and forgot all about it until the next day. Imagine the dilemma I face if the Bengmobile does not open up when the villains are catching up. Or even worse, driving in the rain with the windows fogging up fast than usual due to a faulty air-con and soaked clothes.

So, after rummaging my electronic parts, I found one remote switch which I hope was the problem because if not, I would have to drive down all the way to Pasar Road to get one. And today is a Sunday. Not only that, I do not have the cash to get a new Car Alarm as this is incidentally, the last spare remote too.

Phew, the problem WAS the switch! Oh and this
board was so dirty, I had to clean it with WD40
and also some lighter fluid after the Thinner I
used in the office stuck spreaded the fluff all over