Repairing a Prestige remote

OK, so its my Bengmobile's remote. It went nuts ever I left it hanging there in the rain after using the keys to open the car boot and forgot all about it until the next day. Imagine the dilemma I face if the Bengmobile does not open up when the villains are catching up. Or even worse, driving in the rain with the windows fogging up fast than usual due to a faulty air-con and soaked clothes.

So, after rummaging my electronic parts, I found one remote switch which I hope was the problem because if not, I would have to drive down all the way to Pasar Road to get one. And today is a Sunday. Not only that, I do not have the cash to get a new Car Alarm as this is incidentally, the last spare remote too.

Phew, the problem WAS the switch! Oh and this
board was so dirty, I had to clean it with WD40
and also some lighter fluid after the Thinner I
used in the office stuck spreaded the fluff all over

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