Pimp my Gun

Just got a link from one of the Forums I frequent. Its called "Pimp my Gun", a Flash application which allows you to design your own weapon. You can pick and choose from a lot of gun templates and just scale the parts, rotate them, flip them and so on until you have your own weapon of choice. After that, you can reposition it and download the gun of your choice. The Flash application is from D. Noob while the guns were drawn by Skipper Lee (A Form Five Student). Trust me, its a great time-killer. And thanks, guys!

But to me, its a great tool for me to ahem, "design" my weapon of choice rather as it cuts down the time surfing the Internet for pictures and/or inspiration.

Now, if only the template has a sawn-off handle, then
this gun of mine is perfect. No, I am too lazy to use a
pain program to re-adjust it.

Changing cars

Yes. Its that time of year gain. And its a wonderful time.


Its because I get to drive a 2005 Toyota Vios! (For a week, that is)

Its the only Vios design which I like and I love driving it. Although it has the same engine as the Avanza, the response is quite perky. I know the owner had put something special in there but I am not going to tell. I did ask my Wife how much the owner got it for, because I wanted to, erm, never mind.

But she wouldn't tell me anyway.

Sometimes, I am still not used to the idea
that the dashboard is not in the middle.

We stopped by the IOI Mall's new wing for dinner.
Since this stall said no photography, I wanted to
take some shots. Note the aquarium at the bottom
level. It goes all the round the kiosk. Although they
are nice to look at, its still too expensive and also for
the girls to keep at such an age. Moreover, they're
not interested after looking at it for a few minutes.

While waiting for Mommy, we played about a bit

Kaelynn is growing to be a little lady now....

We settled down at Esquire Kitchen for dinner
as we could not find any decent Japanese fare.
But we were taken aback by the staff's
friendliness and courtesy.

We ordered dumplings which was quite nice.

But by the time it reached me, all
I got was this lump of greenish ....

This was because Kristine took
the crispy skin and left me with
the fillings. See the wicked smile?

See it again? Yes, when she does that,
something wicked or evil will happen.

And this time, the victim is none other than this
delicious white fluffy fella. When we brought her
to Esquire kitchen years ago, she loves the dish
called "Kung pao yok" or something due to the
sweet black sauce. For RM16 a pop, its sure
worth it, just to see her eat heartily.

Remember the evil smile? This time she is not
going to dip the steam fah kuean into it but on
to the Pepsi.

Yes, you read it right. Pepsi

After she dipped it, she drank it somemore.

Cheeky girl

On the way back, we saw some concert by these
weird fellas. The music is quite good and already,
the girls were dancing to it. By this time, I was
imagining them to line up side by side on the
stage and perform the can-can.

Once they saw the girls enjoying themselves, some
kids also started to almost do the same while older
or adults start to go near the stage and take photos
of themselves with the musicians in the background
by removing the crowd barrier.