What I did today II

OK, so I got bored. Today is my second attempt to try to get to the new place on time since everyone starts working at eight in the morning there. I got it nailed to 25 minutes on average driving speed. I tried this yesterday but everything went wrong because the office had shifted years ago and I stupidly followed the GPS to the old office. So, once I discovered the new address, everything is good because the route I am using is actually against the morning traffic. In other words, no jam. the only problem is to navigate away from the morning school buses and frantic parents, then the Federal Highway and finally, the odd jams here and there.

And after that, its back to Pasar Road since I had enough left for a bit more components which I had missed out the day before. After collecting my last cheques from my Boss, I dropped by The Outpost where they now have the small 'toy' shop inside the Cinema Foyer instead of the Restaurant which made it a bit bland. To tell you the truth, its very cramped and did not boost my mood to buy anything even though the Hot Wheels Enterprise-D (RM99.00) was there.

After that, it was time to visit my original ex-Office where I saw my ex-Boss peekng ere and there trying to catch a glimpse of me. I must say, after losing touch with colleagues, the were very corporate and distrustful when I gave them a bag of crisps to eat. Oh well, this is the path they choose now.

So, tonight, I will start soldering the boards if there is nothing else to do......

Ooops. This was the old office.
Put in another coin and start again

What I did today

By now, with the feeling of suddenly being free, I noticed have problems keeping track of time or day. Last Saturday, I thought it was Sunday and on Monday, I thought it was Wednesday. And today, I thought it was time to go to work. Oh well, one out of a few is more than enough for me. Maybe its because I am not working that threw my daily schedule off-balance. So, I hope that today's trip and planning will help keep my on track with something to do for the moment.

Still, with only days left before I pick up the working bug, I have a lot to do and also, maybe, put some asbestos on the bridges.
Anyway, with some of my savings, I went down to Pasar Road to continue with my project, which is the NCC-1701 Navigation lights. The PCBs are ready and this week, I will try to get as much electronic components my savings can buy so that I can prepare a minimum number of "ready to go" boards. There will be no kit versions; you just plug and go. This means I would have a lot of soldering and wire crimping to do. And what with my failing eyesight, I need to get one of those desk-clamp illuminated magnifiers. That is, as soon as I am able to collect my last paycheque from my Boss.

While I was getting the components, I realised that if I had used, say, 20 resistors for one PCB, this would mean I have to solder 40 times. So, let's say if I plan to make 500 boards...... yeah, I'd go nuts and this is just the resistor alone. OK, so that is a frightening scenario but now in reality, the first problem is actually getting all the components together for one board. And then, multiply it with the number of boards you have, its another nightmare mainly because of the cost involved. So, in this case, I have to buy the components a batch at a time since I have limited cash. So, I am going to make at least ten boards now, since that was how much components I could buy, and then another ten later when I have the cash or when the boards from the first batch are sold.

Pasar Road 10 minutes before 9AM

And so, at the end of the day, the these components
costs me about RM140.00 and there are still lots of
components left to buy.

On the way, I got another ML-L3 Nikon remote for
RM50.00. Yes, its a rip off but then, I wanted one
and I don't want to trouble that brainless guy

After looking at the casing, I realised I have
misplaced the condom from the first remote
I bought 2 years ago.