The weird connector

I went all over the place to look for this connector for my
customer's ISDN. Some called it SMA, some called it Siemens
I think I need to get a new RS catalogue to identify this

Hags in the City

Three ladie were not happy when I "cut" into their lane
on a merging lane in Glenmarie. So, after looking at their
witch faces and hand signals, I managed to get a shot of
their Honda City (which they were trying to avoid me)

50 in 1 reader

My 19 in 1 card reader/writer that was stuck to my Notebook has gone bye-bye. And after weeks of searching, I found one (with a reasonable price) at PJ's Digital Mall.

But after looking at it, it seemed like the design has been OEM-ed to a lot of copycats. Still, I needed to replace the old one anyway and so, I had to pay RM51. There was another one at ALL IT at the top floor, selling at RM38 but I did not buy it because the Guard refused to let me in unless I keep my Notebook at the lockers. After much communication, he let me in but there was not enough time to take the reader to the counter since they're closing up. So, I tossed the stupid thing at one of the shelves and walked out.

OK, its black and not silver, so it contrasts with my Notebook

The two units side by side. Notice anything different apart from
the black rubbery coating?

For RM51, I get 5volt a power adaptor too, which I have
yet to find a use for it, apart from the normal operations

The safety switch

In certain areas or in control applications, there are some control switches where it has been designed in such a way that it minimises any accidental activation. Hence, you see some switches with locks, covers and even a twist mechanism to release them.

So, I happen upon this design which I quite like (but for no other purpose at the moment). It has a red LED, and is a press-on, press-off (i.e. latching) action.

Still, for RM12, this is quite expensive. Then again, real ones costs more since they are designed for industrial use.

I am a sucker this time for switches with covers

And although its rated for 24v use, the LED still lights

The 9volt LED Torchlight

I was in Pasar Road today and while I was looking for a weird connector, I spied upon this torchlight. Its just a very simple idea, which allows you to light 6 White LEDs from a single rectangular 9Volt battery.

All this for RM12.50, which, I feel could be cheaper....

For that much moolah, you get the torch unit and also the battery

Here is a closer look

And the LEDs snap onto the battery like so...

Looking closer, its just some LEDs, a switch, resistors and that's it
No other circuits to help conserve the batteries, etc.

And it (the head) swivels 180ยบ degrees

Its quite bright, though, but not as bright as my 3w Luxeon torch

Whatever you do, do not use the clip!