The 9volt LED Torchlight

I was in Pasar Road today and while I was looking for a weird connector, I spied upon this torchlight. Its just a very simple idea, which allows you to light 6 White LEDs from a single rectangular 9Volt battery.

All this for RM12.50, which, I feel could be cheaper....

For that much moolah, you get the torch unit and also the battery

Here is a closer look

And the LEDs snap onto the battery like so...

Looking closer, its just some LEDs, a switch, resistors and that's it
No other circuits to help conserve the batteries, etc.

And it (the head) swivels 180ยบ degrees

Its quite bright, though, but not as bright as my 3w Luxeon torch

Whatever you do, do not use the clip!

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