Trip to Sarawak

It was a nice morning, and the moment I greeted my colleague, he replied with a, "Hey, you know the trip to Sabah & Sarawak this week?". Then everything went downhill from there.

The trip was for both of them to go and visit every branch in Sabah & Sarawak. This would take them days to complete. And while I am holding the fort, this would also mean I have days to sleep (Ha ha). Unfortunately, the customer said we have to complete the visits within this week and so, the task was split into two; I take Sarawak and my other colleague takes Sabah. The remaining colleague gets to stay in the Office.

I have less than 18 hours to prepare for the trip as I need to get all the data from each site and what possible requirement/repair to be done. I won't be taking my Notebook there so, I might have to skimp a bit on the photos to conserve memory (My FujiFIlm has 128MB XD card only).

Maybe there is a camera shop ovefr there which converts XD card memeory to CDRs.

And maybe pigs can fly too.

[Update 2315]
The destinations are: KL -> Kuching -> Sibu -> Bintulu -> Miri -> KL (all within 4 days)

You know, this is like the Amazing Race where we both catch/book flights, service the customer, catch/book flights, sleep in Hotels and etc. Throughout the whole day, the stupid Amazing Race song was playing over and over again in my head. Even my MP3s can't erase it.

So far, the tickets have been confirmed except for the last day in Miri where it is left "Open" where I could return either on a Saturday or Sunday. So, everything's packed and I hope it will go well.

Its just that I can't sleep............. damn!