My Compass

Of all things, this compass resurfaced after so many years. I remember having it when I was in school. But not because I wanted to be a Scout (I never did). But I got it because I was fascinated with it. I just could not remember who got it for me. I do not remember why I got this one as I kept thinking about the bigger model, the one with a think wire across the viewing slits. Oh well.

After more than two decades, its still working but not
so sensitive anymore, though.

The evening after.....

When I came back in the evening, the whole place was in a mess! And I fully realised the chaos these two, girls are capable of! I mean, during the morning and afternoon, they were both cute Angels....... haih. Makes me thing I should not have bought the big box of sweets for her.

I asked Mommy about the sofa and yes, these two actually pulled
them off and to the ground!

The whole floor was littered with candy boxes, and worst of all, the
play-doh/plasticine which sticks to the surface.

And here they are, these two little running disasters
[Have to censor now, Kristine is getting older]

And with cute Bambi eyes like that, how to scold her, ah?

Kristine's Class Party

I think I am getting a bit out of touch with Kristine's school nowadays. At first, I thought her Activity Week was the last day of school which turned out otherwise. And now, all of a sudden, she is going to have a class party before the actual school ends. I guess I am starting to be obsessed with work again.

Kristine trying out her dress on the night before.

The next morning, both girls did some spot of modelling but
well, its hard to get them on the right shot and I am already
late for work too.

Kristine outside her class or the
after effects of her class party

And I bought this for her as promised since she talked to
me in her cute cute voice and face. Yeah, so young already
know how to manipulate men.

Wife: Wah! You bought another box?!!
Me: Er, Kristine wanted some ma
Wife: You know how long it took to get rid of the last box?
Me: ........

Blaster from the Past

While I was returning to the car after servicing a customer, I noticed that one of the shops were dealing with MIC (Made in China) toys. The worker was sorting/processing the toys in front of the shop and so, with minutes to spare, we engaged in some small talk and one thing lead to another, I saw this toy gun.

Oh.. my.. Goodness..!

This was the very same I gun I used to play with when I was small! And I forgot all about it! During my time, the toy guns were usually separated into a few categories, from the single shot dart guns to the six-shooter cowboy guns to the water pistol. And this one, was something or a revolution.

This is THE gun for having the most ammunition at one go. You can beat the single shots and the six-shooters in terms of ammo count. (But we all know the dart gun fires the furthest and has the most kinetic energy of all). What you do is to manually load all the bullets into the ammo magazine until the spring cannot budge anymore. You then slam the magazine into the gun and you're ready. Unfortunately for me, I like to play alone and so, there is no gun fights or running about since my siblings were either too young to not interested at all.

I forgot how the gun came to be, but i have to assume it was from my Dad. The only thing I can remember about this was that I load the magazine, pulled the trigger and also taking it out and fantasizing about the design of the gun without the magazine. Unfortunately, because the magazine was long, I have to be very careful or I might twist it and break the gun as well.

Its now molded in transparent plastic so you can see the simple
mechanisms in it. I mean, at that time, it was magic! You just load
the magazine, and start pulling the trigger and as fast as you like too.
The original colour of the gun is black with the grips being reddish
brown and no, there is no wimpy red tip either.

The ammo magazine. See how the operation concept resembles
a modern pistol? I think you can stuff about 10 bullets inside
before the spring stops compressing. I have yet to open the
plastic packaging. Or maybe, I don't want to. Just display it