Kristine's Class Party

I think I am getting a bit out of touch with Kristine's school nowadays. At first, I thought her Activity Week was the last day of school which turned out otherwise. And now, all of a sudden, she is going to have a class party before the actual school ends. I guess I am starting to be obsessed with work again.

Kristine trying out her dress on the night before.

The next morning, both girls did some spot of modelling but
well, its hard to get them on the right shot and I am already
late for work too.

Kristine outside her class or the
after effects of her class party

And I bought this for her as promised since she talked to
me in her cute cute voice and face. Yeah, so young already
know how to manipulate men.

Wife: Wah! You bought another box?!!
Me: Er, Kristine wanted some ma
Wife: You know how long it took to get rid of the last box?
Me: ........

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