The sense of melancholy

While clearing my things on my Notebook, I took a glimpse of my old tool pouch. Unlike the (old or ex) working files on the Notebook which I can just pack and archive it on DVDs, I cannot do the same with my tools. Everyday, I carry them, if not on the hips, it was in the car boot. And everyday, I used them and just placing my right hand in it I know which tool to use and so on. It feels so.... well, so complete.

I started to carry tools with me ever since I was on my first job. At first, I put them all on a vest, which made me look more like a baggy photographer minus the camera. Not only that, since I was a pillion rider on the back of technician's bikes, the vest could be a potential organ puncturing device should we fall off the bike. And so I put them on a fanny pouch but constant zipping and unzipping wore them out quickly. Always the one with the tools on hand, I finally stuffed them onto a big toolbox, which not only serves as a ladder but enough to kill a person if I swung it. And so, when I came to the actual second job, I had to leave the toolbag in the car since most of the time I would be climbing ladders and such. And so, I invested into the more practical hip pouch. Which, to me is very comfortable and logical since with this design, not only can I leave both hands free, I can just quickly reach for my tools with just one hand.

I caught on the hip ouch design after seeing some Military photos on the Internet and quickly got a rugged one. At this time, although the hip pouch were on sale here, it took quite some time before it caught on. But when even now, I rarely see them except that the contractors have now adopted a more conservative pouch design which is a small rectangular or ammo pouch, usually on the waist. No, these are not for tools but more on their own stuff which I am not even sure that is inside.

For me, not only does it serve its purpose, most time, it was also a conversation piece which some thought I looked like some Military guy. But now, if I were to wear them again, now minus the jeans, but with black pants, it would look awkward. Very, very awkward. Wearing them when going shopping is the next best thing, I suppose, only problem is, I don't even know what to put inside it. But I really do miss that hip pouch.....

Meet Mr. Tool-pouch the Third, who is taking a well-
earned rest. I hope to use it again sometime this year...

The one who wants to help

While my Mommy was mopping the floor, Kaleynn
passed by her as she wanted to take a pee. After
that, she wanted to help Mommy to mop the
floor. Maybe she had seen how Mommy rinsed
the mop and also how to mop, she convinced my
Wife to let her have a go. Wow.

Well, OK, so the floor was really wet after that
but this shows Kaelynn is willing to help where
her elder sister just would not.

The problem with the Weather

Today is Sunday and as usual, I get to sleep late. Normally, I would get up early and do some of my stuff since everyone was still sleeping. But today, I really want to sleep late. Not because I went to bed at three in the morning but with the Gout and all, I want to have as much rest as I can. And so, when I woke up, everyone was already up. And so, with a few lazy stretches, I dug my nose and ........


Seems like I had nosebleed while I was sleeping! While brushing my teeth, I snorted all the remaining gunk in my nose and cleared them through my throat and there it was, more semi-dried blood mixed with phlegm.

Later on, my Wife calmed me down a bit because she reasoned, yesterday was reasonably hot and so, my body has a lot of 'yit hei' which led to the nosebleed. I was skeptical because all I ever did yesterday was to sit on the table and sweat my fat juice out. And drinking water. And sweating. And hopping. And sweating. And....... well, you get the idea.

However, there is another theory. In many instances, men tend to nosebleed after seeing a naked girl. You can see this in most Health Documentaries called movies and graphical facts called comics. So, this means, I was dreaming of a naked girl. But then, you have to remember this fact as well: People do dream when they sleep but most of the dreams would be forgotten when they wake up.