Kristine is a boy

So, it happened when I turned my back. A few quick
snips, her hair was shortened. I asked who did it
and she replied, "Grandma.........."

Scaling Mt. KK

And so, it has begun! A few weeks ago, Kaelynn stared at the stairs longingly and it was a matter of time before she would attempt to climb it. And true to my Wife's words, she did it. Just a few days ago. And today, was her second/third time and she has gotten used to it. Now, we need to get a long wooden board and fence up the stairs temporarily. Something light in case it falls on her.

Kaelynn climbing on the last flight of stairs

Boy, is she fast!

Can you catch up with me, Daddy?

See that smile? That is an evil smile, I tell you

Kristine and Kaelynn

When Kristine came back from MacDonalds, she brought back one of those weird toys from Shrek 3 movie. Actually, she only goes there for the slides, etc. And since she came back in a good mood, she decided to share her toy with Kaelynn.

Look what I got

Kaelynn trying to make the toy talk

Kristine showing her how

Ahh, four minites of peace for us all.........